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Life seems a constant whirlwind. I question what I do and how I fill my time but there is always something going on. 

Along with preparing for two big events last week, I was up'ing treatment, dealing with the flare up's and trying to keep going

Although the week was filled with a hell of a lot of pain, many tears and doubts, I did have a lot of positives thrown in. 

Yes I made the events and coped longer than I thought I would have done which is one positive.

Though what I am truly happy about is being featured on the Lyme Disease UK website & newsletter again for October. My blog as you all know was featured in the September newsletter and still features on the bottom of the homepage. I am now proud to say that my poetry book I wrote dedicated to my Mum; 'Lyme Light Of My Soul' available to purchase on Amazon is being featured in the 'Creative's Corner' of the website and is featured in the October newsletter which went out this morning. 

Also, the Chronic Post reached out to me on Instagram asking me to do a piece for their social media platforms and website which is now up for you all to see. The Chronic Post features creative work created by chronic illness sufferer's. 

The theme and question that I had to base my piece on was; 'What keeps you going?'

I will copy and paste the poem which is displayed on their sites now; 


What keeps YOU going? The friends that bring you joy, The experiences you enjoy, The rainbows that paint the skies, For the lows and the highs, The achievements that show, How bright you glow, The steps forward you take, The colour in the world you make, The family you love, The birds that sing above, The beauty that surrounds you, The beauty within you, The pain, Makes you insane, A fighter you are, A shining star, Here for a purpose to inspire, Always chasing what you desire, Keeping in mind, To always be kind, The dark days show us how, We must live for now, The smiles on faces, The hugs and embraces, The quotes we write, About our fight, Our story through the pain, As we dance in the rain, The laughs and tears, Over many years, We are here, Keep that angel near, The cakes, The tray-bakes, Messing up the kitchen with your cooking, Holiday booking, The excitement in your eyes, Closing the suitcase after a number of tries, The journeys we take, The long drives we make, The cocktails with sip, Ride out any blip, Mistakes that we see as lessons from which we learn, Motivation within us does burn, The party's where we dance, The goals and dreams we enhance, We make a change, To keep within a range, To flow the dreams, However hard it all seems, The night talks, The difficult walks, The family events are where we want to be, To see, Life moments play out, That's what life is about, The oceans that flow, Don't sink below, The sun still shines for you, We all have to weather the storms through, The beaches filled with golden sand, Holding your hand, We may feel pain, Yet from the world we have so much to gain, See the sun, Create fun, Wipe the tears, Face the fears, Look around, All the wonderful possibilities that you surround, Don't let pain and illness win the game, Stay sane, Show gratitude and cherish all, Stand tall, You deserve to be happy and live, Your pain you must forgive, You are here, Facing the fear, For yourself raise a cheer, You angel with you and forever near, To the world you are so very dear.


It's lovely having inspiring people and companies come to me and ask to promote my pieces, work with me and/or have me design pieces for them. 

I will also be having my poetry featured in the Lyme Disease Art book due to be released next Spring. Which will be a book with a mixture of creative designs- drawings, photographs, paintings and creative writing all put together by a fellow Lyme suffer. It's a fabulous idea showing how we cope as sufferers and how we use our creative talents to aid our healing, inspiring us. 

I had the honour of spending time responding to interview questions last week. Over the next few months all artists and writers will have their profile's publicised to drum up interest before the book's release.

My friends were invited to answer and give their say about the affects of Lyme disease and my diagnosis on them. 

I couldn't think of any two better people than Ellie and Jacob. 

They have been such rocks and have been on the journey with me. 

We rarely speak about Lyme when we spend time together. As we try to disconnect from the pain and just enjoy laughs and our friendship. 

So reading their answers and responses had me in tears. 

As a sufferer I live everyday with the guilt about the strains Lyme puts on my loved ones. The answers showed real emotional upset the disease causes my friends. How much sadness it causes them seeing my health deteriorate and how the disease affects me. How they, just like me - cling on to the old Sophie. The fun, bubbly, giggly girl they first met and came friends with 11 years ago. 

I am so truly sorry to you all, especially my nearest and dearest.

Thank you Ellie and Jacob for being so open, honest, supporting my work and being the best friends. 

I wish I could take the pain away, I and Lyme causes you. 

You don't deserve to be drawn into the hell. 

For you, I am truly grateful. Thank you again. 


I may not be well enough to sit at a desk 8 hours a day, but I don't just allow life to pass me by. I always keep myself busy and am always setting myself goals, working towards projects. It's in my blood to be that way and I use the motivation from the fire burning within to keep me fighting. 

I may not have a law degree, making millions on Wall Street or travelling the world ( yet ) but with the way I am feeling the above feels like conquering the world 🌎. I am celebrating every little victory. My soul deserves it. Afterall if suffering from chronic illness has taught me anything we have to be grateful and cherish absolutely everything! As we never know what tomorrow has in stall.

How do we keep positive?

The secret;

To have faith and hope in better days. 

We may go weeks, months and even years with little or no process. If we dig deep we can always find a victory, always find a reason to celebrate. 

No matter how great or small. 

( even if it's just getting out of bed.)

Raise a glass to that!!

We are all stars and our own hero's. 

We write our stories. 

Let me know what you think of my poem! I'd love to hear your feedback. 

Love and peace



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