• Sophie Ward

Poem- Life Is A Riddle

Life is a riddle,

A fight of which I am caught in the middle,

Endless pain,

That makes you insane,

Pain relief you crave,

Left to wait for the next wave,

The daily fear,

That on my face you may see a tear,

The real me,

Whoever that may be,

Pills after pills,

Do not bring thrills,

Worlds apart you and I, 

A fact you can’t deny,

You will watch me cry,

I understand you may try,

The path we walk,

The judgements you talk,

Does not stop the rain,

Preventing the daily strain,

Life is a riddle,

With my hair please fiddle,

Calm me,

Show me by my side you will be,

I don’t fear dying,

I do fear your lying,

Here and there,

With the hurt you can’t compare,

My heart in pieces with you I lend,

In hope that you will be a friend,

In bed, 

I rest my head,

My mind still races,

Choosing from the number of my happy faces,

See me,

That is how I want it to be,

Protecting you from the life of pain,

That drives me insane,

I may ramble,

My life a bit of a gamble,

Each day I wake,

Relief from pain to you I will fake,

Eyes the key to the soul,

You don’t see the pain’s toll,

You see here and now,


Doesn’t reality shock you,

Through tinted glass we have been looking through,

In a room, 

I run from the gloom,

Invisible in life and illness,

The dark nights in their fullness,

Eat away,

Your system needs to recharge in some way,

I can’t explain,

What do I have to gain,

I write to express,

This endless mess,

This hell brings so much stress,

Leaving me in a constant state of destress,

I may hide,

The endless rollercoaster ride,

Are you by my side?

Or in the shadows do you hide,

My wall are built so high and tall,

To keep out the negatives I try to stall, 

Do you climb the wall?

Or throw in the towel to it all,

This game,

Is never same, 

Are you in or out,

Get clued up on what it’s all about,

Life is a riddle, 

With its words we are left to fiddle,

The stories we write,

Are our fight. 

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