• Sophie Ward

The Full Moon Curse

The full moon haunts me,

Pain flows strongly throughout me,

Can you see,

The bacteria growing within me,

The moon’s beauty that lights the skies,

Leaves me in bed - the night nursing my cries,


Under the bacteria’s thumb,

The angels can’t save me,

They just pray for me,

The beauty has been tainted,

Drop to the floor- with pain I must of fainted,

The shadows from the light,

Fill my soul all through the night,

The pain far from sight,

I battle on with all my might,

The moon’s light on me, 

Does it realise the damage it is causing me,

Unable to move, 

The bacteria in full swing- in their groove,

Behind my eyes,

My pain wrapped up in cries,

Silence kills,

I have taken too many pills,

When is my break?

A smile and a lie I fake,

The monster within me,

We can feel but can’t see,

Under my skin,

The battle within,

My body should be my own,

My body now their’s as their army as grown,

Suck the life out of me,

I will bounce back - you just wait and see,

I can handle the pain,

No matter how bad the strain,

A full moon - it’s glows in beauty and lights up your sky,

It’s beauty hides a deadly lie,

To shower me in pain over love,

We look a the skies it lights above,

To guide us down the road we need to follow,

Pill bottles to run empty as one by one I swallow, 

Rocking side by side,

The discomfort we can not hide,

Let the tide once again rise,

Can the Earth with me please comprise?

Nature’s beauty in its best disguise,

I am a fighter in disguise, 

Is it really the wolves we have to worry about?

I feel this pain is far more deadly without a doubt, 

On my path I continue to ride,

With or without you as my guide,

Lucky for me,

Your days are numbered as full you can’t always be,

I should thank you for making a stronger me,

Able to fight harder each month you see,

You can’t defeat me,

I am too stubborn you see,

Throw what you want a me,

In the end - the winner I will be.


#poem #Fullmoon #Lyme #Lymedisease #Chronicdisease


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