• Sophie Ward

What To Remember When You Are Feeling Broken

Note to self; You are a hero.

With the full moon cursing all Lyme suffers over the next few days we all literally feel like we could die and maybe question whether we want to let it happen.

We never will, all Lyme warriors are too tough & stubborn to admit defeat. The pain is unbearable and you feel broken. We can’t do anything - our pain just too much. So how can we help ourselves feel better?

We should try and remember and remind ourselves these six points; 

1. Tell your story. To someone or to yourself. You have control over how much you share but listening to the pain you battle through will give you a boost in confidence, strength and pride at how strong you really are.

2. Take great care of your body. Otherwise it won’t thank you later on. We all hate feeling like we can’t do anything or feel as if we have wasted our days- cancelling plans, being bed ridden or having a sofa-movie day. These days are a must. We can’t ignore our pain or bodies. Our silliness pushing ourselves will only mean we feel horrible for longer. Remember if you suffer from chronic illness our bodies don’t bounce back as fast either. So we may need a few extra chilled days to recover. 

3. Give yourself change to relax. Remove excess stresses of any sort and concentrate on looking after yourself. Carrying out mindful actitivites, hobbies , treating yourself and surrounding yourself with people you enjoy the company of. 

4. Cry for as long and as much as you want. Crying has a bad reputation for being an act that shows weakness. Scientists say that people who cry are mentally stronger, so allow the tears to flow, releasing stress & gaining strength in the process. Bonus. 

5. Declutter. Emotionally and physically. It helps remove space and encourages calmness. 

6. Make use of this time period. Turn negatives into positives. Whether it’s organising an event, poetry writing, online shopping ready for Xmas, working on projects. Keep yourself motivated. Keep hope in your hearts and show yourself you are worthy and have lots of things to keep fighting for. 

All storms have to pass. Weathering them is the worst and right now we are stuck right in the middle and we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel or any sight of blue skies. 

We do a lot of crying and tell ourselves to get a grip. We must keep inspired and keep fighting. 

The sun will rise again, the storm will pass and we will be stronger for it!

When you are going through hell, keep going.’ - Winston Churchill. 

Keep fighting and try to enjoy the weekend as much as possible. 



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