• Sophie Ward

Poem - I Am A Zombie.

I am a zombie,

This is my time,

No outfit needed,

I am in my prime,

I am a zombie,

I haunt the night,

Searching for life,

Looking for light,

I am a zombie,

I am not a monster nor am I evil in any way,

We are gentle,

Practising kindness to you all every day,

I am a zombie,

The spooks and gore,

Don’t scare me,

Just detaches me from life furthermore, 

I am a zombie,

The walking dead,

My scars still bleed,

An invisible bolt through my head, 

I am a zombie,

The ghosts of the night are my friends,

They nurse my pain,

Watching me cry until the night ends,

I am a zombie,

The creepy crawlers that crawl,

Under my skin,

They love to explore,

I am a zombie,

I don’t get time to sleep,

We don’t have the gift to rest our head,

We fight for the goals and dreams we keep, 

I am a zombie,

We learn the skill of no fear,

Fighting a new battle every day, 

From your eye wipe the tear,

I am a zombie,

We may not seem like we are living,

In our hearts we keep hope,

For our appearance - please be forgiving,

I am a zombie,

I am not one to fear,

I bring only peace and kindness,

It’s been one hell of a year,

I am a zombie,

I don’t live underground,

I may not be seen by you,

Invisible and rarely around, 

I am a zombie,

I rule the night,

I don’t want to cause a fright,

This is my plain reality in sight, 

I am a zombie,

You may trick or treat, 

It’s all fun and joy,

Going house to house with your fleet, 

I am a zombie,

Don’t fear me,

We are all kind and warriors,

The best people we can be,

I am a zombie, 

Our pain at this time may be seen,

Or brushed over in the fun,

I don’t want you to question where I have been,

I am a zombie,

The graveyard surrounded by smoke,

As the dead once again rise,

This is no joke,

I am a zombie,

We rise everyday,

You just don’t see us,

Invisible - you could say,

I am a zombie, 

Respect all the fallen and walking dead,

On this day,

And enjoy every second is all to be said.


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