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Spooktastic Halloween 🎃

Halloween is tomorrow and for many we had a weekend packed with celebrates, gatherings and spooktastic parties. Tomorrow however is the time when we will be getting all the excited children knocking on our doors asking for goodies, fake blood everywhere and loving it. 

When people are suffering with chronic illness this aspect of the holiday can be very daunting. Having to answer the door to every child that knocks, which could be 4 or 40. 

So here are a few tips that might soothe some of your anxieties;

1. Don’t go buying mainstream confectionery; what’s the point? You may buy loads of sweets and candy and not get any children knocking.Then you are left staring at the sweets you can’t and shouldn’t eat. Buy snacks and FreeFrom products you can tolerate and enjoy yourself. The children won’t mind. Last year I ran out within two hours. I had a few sneaky children return and upon seeing the tray of snacks I presented to them ( Nak’d bars, Fruit Loops and FreeFrom chocolate ) they got excited and recognised the products. They enjoyed having something different on offer to your normal Harbio, Starbursts, Skittles and so on. To help parents children who also suffer with intolerances, allergies and chronic illness. You can leave a sign on the door or paint a pumpkin 🎃 teal blue to showcase that you have allergy friendly snacks available.

2. Mobility problems; if you are struggling then don’t go pushing yourself to get to the door. I know you don’t want to miss anyone or be the ‘boring house’ with no goodies. So it may be an idea to put a notice on the door 🚪 with instructions on where to find the goodies.

Whether you hide a bowl by the side of plant pot or at the garden gate. It’s candy and sugar! Come on! The children will make it their mission to find the bowl. Although you can’t monitor how much they take or see their wonderful outfits, you have still done your bit. 

3. You can’t make it out but you don’t want to be alone; sometimes there is so much noise going on around you - pain and stresses, that having the doorbell going all night and being cheery is just a little too much to ask of you. Ring a friend, make an excuse for a movie night or just a general catch up. You can take turns answering the door and will take pressure off you. 

4. Sound sensitive; whether it’s because of your migraines or one of your main chronic illness symptoms, the door bell ringing out every five minutes is only going to heighten pain levels. If this is the case, again leave a note on the door and leave a bowl of goodies outside. Children just want snacks! As long as they get those they won’t bother you. 

5. Time limit; with school holidays being in full swing you may not be just limited to a few hours of trick or treating before they all go home to bed, ready for school the next day. They may have a free pass to stay up later because it’s a ‘holiday’ and they may have friends over which always equals an excuse to stay up later. If you suffer with a chronic illness though we reach a point when we need to go to bed. We have medications to take and a schedule to stick to, to try and maximise our rest time. Which is important to our healing. If this is the case, again a note on the door stating that the bell can’t ring pass (e.g 10pm ) and there won’t be anyone to answer the door after 9.30pm

Preparation is key to these events and occasions. With good thought you can really prevent lots of excess stress you really don’t need on top of everything else. 


If you are worrying or concerned about anything then just pick up the phone and ask a loved one for help and advice. They will always be willing to help in anyway they can. 

Ultimately, try to enjoy every event as much as you can. Even if you don’t play a big role in it. 

Some snack ideas to end with;

- Nak’d bars

- Goody’s Goodstuff sweets

- Fruit Loops

- FreeFrom Chocolate 

-Moo Chocolate 

All available at local supermarkets. 

I hope this helps and I hope you all enjoy Halloween. Embrace and congratulate the children on their spooky outfits and remember the fun you had at their age. 

Let me know if any of your give your trick or treater’s alternative snacks and how they responded.

Love always,


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