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Weekly Update & Amazon To The Rescue

I have had a lot of liver pain in the last few days and a slight fever on Monday so my bloods which I had done yesterday may show that my liver levels have risen due to this. Or it could mean it was working extra hard and managing to flush out those nasties. We will have to wait and see when we get the results tomorrow.  

Then on Friday I have my 34 head injections for my migraines, which are plaguing me badly at the moment. I am very sensitive to light, sound and movement. The right side of my face feels paralyised. So although I will be bruised for a week and probaly talking nonsense. They mean I can have eight weeks of decreased head pain. 


I am also happy to say that now on the bottom of my home page and shopping page are direct links to Amazon. 

For Christmas all we want is to get or at the very least feel better. The links, link straight to products that can aid sufferers of chronic illness.  

I am hoping this new feature to my site will help sufferers learn about and purchase products to help our daily lives. Making days and nights as easy as we possibly can.  Lowering pain levels and making us more comfortable in the struggles we do face.  

I hope it inspires you for ideas for Christmas - whether it’s for your own Christmas list or ideas loved ones can pick up.  

My blog is here and I have designed it to promote postivity and highlight our successes in our fights.  

Some of the products may feel like a step back or something you don’t want to think about having to try/use but acceptance is key. With acceptance comes the gift of being able to see the positives and celebrate them. 

Nobody wants to be bedridden but with a extra long phone charger, remote control lighting, a table and your set up could be a little more appealing. 

If I could wave a magic wand and cure us all I would do it in a heart beat.  


If I can make my own life easier and yours so we can enjoy all and as much of our lives we can. Then I can rest in peace.  

Let me know if you like this new feature and if you find it useful.

As products come out or I find them I will add them to the list so you can see them and link on them leading you straight to the product. No searching or spending time scrolling through hundreds of results. 

I strongly recommend memory foam slippers for burning feet- they really do help! 

Thank you for reading 

Love always 


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