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Meeting My Local MP-Ben Wallace

Wow, what a week it has been. 


I may not always be seen to be ‘busy’ but believe me my life is never boring. 

I only arrived home to my Mum’s Monday at 2pm. By 3pm my emails were flowing in. One being from Ben Wallace asking to meet me this morning and another from Anna from the app LifeSum. 

Of course I shared with you earlier this week how I am using LifeSum to help me track my diet and it’s helping me ensure I am getting what my body needs.

It’s working well and surprising me in many ways. 


At the start of the week I was losing hope - all hope. 

My motivation was at its very lowest but all these opportunities have helped kick my bum into gear.

The amount of love that you have all shown on my return was truly overwhelming and has helped me realise I do need to keep fighting. That what I do with my blogging and awareness is recognised but also helping and being enjoyed. 

In life - I want to be a person who is remembered  for helping others. 

So me surrendering and giving up is just out of the question. 

I have tried to embrace everything this week. 

I had a wonderful time with so many laughs with my closest last night for Thanksgiving. I had a gluten free & vegan veggie pizza. Yes I suffered for it, but for the longest time I had a top night! It was so good eating the same as everyone else.

Love it. 

I was buzzing.

Then this morning after the faff at the doctors for my bloods and ECG we travelled to Ben Wallace’s offices to personally meet him.

He was awesome and super enthusiastic about supporting and helping the Lyme cause.

With serving in the army he knew about all the body checks for ticks and bugs they used to do daily. He understood how crippling the disease is to the suffering and how the NHS and medical professionals in general are ignorant towards Lyme due the expense of tests and treatments. 

He is going to take up my invite of attending our conference at the end of January 2018 to support Lyme disease and the Park Home business which is truly fabulous.

With our family business being residential and holiday park homes we work closely with David Bellamy and promote wildlife and walks in the countryside. 

So it’s not a personal affair close to my family’s and my own heart but it’s also closely connected to our business. 

It all interlinks - the more links, the more the awareness spreads. 

Hopefully this is the beginning of our voices being heard within Government, more money pumped into research & changes being made to the education of medical professionals.

I raised the point that I was lucky to have the support financially but many don’t and are left to suffer in silence.

I feel this is an extremely important point and I said about how consultants and medical professionals worldwide were being struck off, losing their medical licenses and going to court because insurance companies refuse to pay out for the exspensive treatments and so Lyme becomes branded as a ‘fake disease’, ‘not a threat’, ‘men going insane’ .. it’s easier for the medical community, the Governments and councils to go along with these false claims to avoid coughing up the money. Ben Wallace agreed that money was definitely why the people in charge will ignore and dismiss this debilitating disease.

I said our symptoms are so bad we can’t work. So how are we supposed to cope with being chronically unwell, living life and paying for the endless amount of medications and treatments we have to undergo. 

He took notes and state he really wants to back the cause and help in any way possible. 


All in all a successful week. 

I’m actually quite proud of myself.

Thank you to Mama for accompanying me to this private meeting and sharing her own knowledge and struggle with the disease from a Mother’s and family’s point of view. 

As well as Ben remembering all my swimming achievements which was heart warming!! 

Hopefully I am not a person easy to forget. 

Please excuse my migraine eyes- yes I am allowed to look like Jay-Z with my sunnies on in the middle of November and winter! Lymie’s style 101. 

Thank you to Ben Wallace for having us!

Happy weekend.. 

remember we have to dance in the rain.



Enjoy last night memories. 

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