• Sophie Ward

Poem- In A World

In a world where you want to fit,

You do your bit,

Show kindness,

Spread happiness,

Yet you are locked out,

Disconnected from what life is really about,

Pain, pain, pain,

Through sunshine and the rain,

You must get up and walk,

Nobody renogising your confusion as you talk,

The effort just to be norm and act that way,

A bigger effort than I can say,

Alone you cry,

Move your body you do try,

Through the day you ignore the pain in anyway,

Distractions to get through the day,

The nights are long,

You try to stay strong,

They are bleak,

You cry and feel weak,

Wondering what will come from tomorrow,

Not wishing to wallow in your own sorrow,

The sun rises,

There is not any oom for compromises,

The alarm rings,

The aching of your joints stings,

You wipe the tears,

The time to face the world once again nears,

They will never see my real pain because I hide away,

Trying not to give anything away,

It’s easier not to talk,

Make an excuse not to walk,

So you weren’t falling over yourself unable to see straight at all,

Everyone just waiting to see you fall,

You won’t rest until you finish this race,

No matter the pace,

I am ahead of many already,

Take to your feet but please be steady, 

Didn’t know I was suffering in pain?

Good I don’t want need you thinking I am insane,

You try to see a new day,

As a new slate in some way,

Maybe things will be better somehow,

You adapt as best you can to the now,

Alone you feel,

The pain and suffering is real,

In my story your heart I hope to steal,

My journey to heal,

I am a girl trying to fit into a life which doesn’t want me,

I am not one to give up easily you will see,

Don’t judge me,

I am already miles ahead of where others would be.




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