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1st December - How Do You CHOOSE Joy? Another Hospital Stay?

It’s simple - be happy. 

When people say that line to you, frankly you want to slap them. 

You are plagued with pain - you can’t just laugh it off. 

However it is important to try and see the positives in every situation and circumstances if possible.

We all get caught up in upsetting, negative and sad situations not just in the festive period but throughout the whole year. 

How can I be smiley and happy all the time?

The secret isn’t to put the brave face on and be false but accepting and allowing yourself to feel the upset and sadness to build on and learn from. To create a better outcome.

We all have low days and that’s perfectly acceptable. When our low days on are ongoing and affect the people around you then it is an issue.

You don’t want to be known as the negative person who drains people rather than lifts them up. Nobody wants to be around those kind of people.

Stuck in a rut?

You feel like you have dug a hole so deep that you are unable to climb out.

No matter how bad the situation is there is always a way out. 

Recently and throughout the whole of this year I have been through times where I didn’t think I would get through them. 

At the time you really doubt yourself but somehow the storm ☔️ passes, we battle through and we come out smiling.

We could see these times are total negatives or we can choose to look deeper, learning and gaining from them.

Knowledge is power, the more we gain from the negatives the more joy, success and happiness we can enjoy. 

We feel more guilty for feeling sad over the festive season because you are surrounded by people who are singing, being socialable and well happy.


Strip things back.. 

What is causing you upset?

Write it down. 

Example; my joints are aching that moving is hard work. It’s making my mood irritable.

What would help you feel better?

Example; having plenty of padding, pillows, duvets. Relax and do something you enjoy- colouring, watching a series, sewing etc. 

What positives can you get from this upset?

You took some time for ‘you’ and you can’t get enough ‘me’ time! You carried out a skill that lead to something beautiful. 

The time alone you have had nursing your upset only helps you battle through this period quicker and with plenty more positives. 

You didn’t wallow in your pain, moaning to friends and family and affecting their mood. 

People will just see your strength when you rise again. 

All hero’s need a little break from time to time. 

Just look at all the hero’s from the movies, they all go through rough periods where they may almost lose their lives, lose a loved one or have their health threatened. 

History is amazing .. you learn from it and it repeats itself so every mistake you make and you learn from will stand you in good stead in the future. We may not always welcome our mistakes but they shape us into who we are today.

Having joy and being happy all the time would prevent us from the experiencing the excitement of life and meeting amazing people. 

We don’t have a choice in what fate sets out for us yet we do have a choice on how we see & deal with the tests, experiences,  and so forth. 

Make the right choice.

Choose JOY and happiness and I promise you - you won’t regret your choice.


I have been home now almost two weeks.

My symptoms are up and down. Each day has its own challeneges. 

Of course you all know how awful my hospital stay was and Breakspear are always extremely supportive and helpful. They are the only people I am confident & comfortable with when it comes to my health.

They of course knew what was happening when I was in hospital and advised me on discharging and have checked up on me regularly since coming home. 

They were fuming about me having to go two weeks without my Lyme medications.

And .. 

From the damage done with feeding me everything my body couldn’t tolerate, along with starving me practically and having no Lyme medication. I have been advised to go for 8 weeks worth of daily infusions for cell membrane repair.

This is because the cell membrane is the part of the cell that protects the inner cell where the DNA is stored. The walls protect toxins entering and changing the DNA of the cells. When the body has many toxins to fight it can’t recognise what it should and shouldn’t mount an attack on. The body can’t fight and doesn’t understand the toxins. So the toxins eat away at the cell walls and try to take over the cell.

The more and more this process goes on for the more intolerant I become to more and more products, foods and materials. As well as being more open to more infections as the body has no idea what it is fighting and what is helping it. 

This is another reason why my liver increased so much, so rapidly in hospital because the toxins were just building up and my body had too many, was so overrun it wasn’t flushing them out.

My ALT levels were so high that it puts me at risk of liver damage. 

Remember once the liver is damaged and the cells are replaced with scar tissue the damage is irreversible and we cannot live without our livers!

So yes, their ignorance and telling me there were no red flags has left me in a very vulnerable state and now facing a longer stay in hospital costing thousands, as I can only be treated for my Lyme privately due to the ignorance and dismissal of the disease amongst the NHS. 

Currently I am too weak and unable to even think about another long term stay in hospital.

As the above treatment would require me being 5 hours away from friends and family for 2 months. There is a lot to consider, along with the price tag. 

So for now.. we are just over three weeks away from Christmas and the New Year.

In the New Year I will have to decide my next route treatment wise.

For now... home, rest, my herbal protol and regular bloods, weight and ECG’s will be kept up and monitored.

Thank you for keeping travelling along this rough and bumpy road with me. 

We get over one hurdle to face another ..

But life would be boring if it didn’t keep us on our toes.

Have a lovely weekend.. 

sprinkle love, kindness and joy whereever you go.



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