• Sophie Ward

Day 5- You Are Alive

Day 5...

The rush has well and truly begun.

The decorations are being put up, lights are twinkling, choirs are singing and well we are zapped.

Those who will know, it has been a full moon over the weekend. It’s fair to say I was not in the festive spirit - neither am I today. Many will feel the same - guilt. Guilty that we looked at the decorations and wanted to walk away.. 

We were feeling like we were dying, moving  and breathing was causing so much pain without the stress of decorations.

We watched our families get all excited, hanging the baubles on the tree and smiling at the twinkling lights that shone in the dark.

I know and many of you may relate that the past few days have been hell. 

Let’s not focus on the negatives though - look, you battled through. You may be a little bruised and feel like you aren’t feeling festive and the joy of Christmas but we can change that.

Remember - decorations and lights are just a small part of the season. 


rhymes with thrive and alive.

So therefore this day is about growing, building, taking steps forward and most importantly be grateful to be alive. 

Remember the reason for Christmas. 

Family and friends- love. 

Spend time organising time spent with loved ones enjoying all the pleasures you can still enjoy in life. Forget everything else.

As long as you have strong foundations everything else will just fall into place.

Don’t spread yourselves too thin, going out with people you don’t really know. Just simply pass on your best wishes and be with the people who have been your strongest supports.

Have a Christmas at home or near to home so then you don’t have to worry about food, travelling, moving around, the cold and naps if needed. You will be within your own space and comforts. No added stress. 

There are no rules in how you are supposed to spend your Christmas. Take the opportunity to put your own spin on things. 

You may become a trend-setter.

Keep shining bright my stars.



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