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Day Seven- Brought From Heaven

Day 7.. boy aren’t the days flying by.

I am up to my eye balls in wrapping paper. 

Remember and I need to remember this that it doesn’t matter how large or small the pile of gifts are. Focus on gifts with a story and a meaning.

A gift that won’t be opened and forgotten but that your loved one will cherish. 

Be the guardian angel from heaven. 

The Mighty have published my post on how to have a great Christmas with a chronic illness.  

Hit the link below to read for yourself;


The Mighty - blog post

I wrote this piece especially for the chronic illness community.

As of course I am blogging everyday in the run up to Christmas with little hints a tips along the way. 

Spend a day.. looking over all your gifts get organised and don’t be rushing on the last minute. 

You have time now to add, shop or order more in time. 

And being wrapped and ready can only lighten the stress load. 


I know, I know the last few days have been a struggle.

My white blood cells have dropped below normal again but the great news is my ATL levels have dropped from 69 to 42. 

So even though I have been quite poorly in the last few days and my immune system is being challenged but my liver is recovering and flushing out the nasties.

I am struggling at the moment.. but we all have to keep as positive as possible. 

I am trying to inspire chronic illness suffers to use their skills to create beautiful gifts for loved ones. Give a gift with a story. 

As when you are at your lowest and pain levels are high you feel useless.. the black sheep. A waste of space. Hospitals don’t inspire us to gain skills and hobbies and in the outside world alone it’s easy to allow our mind to tell us we are worthless.

The festive period is tough and can increase the feeling of being worthless.

We are left out of events, or have to miss, we aren’t asked, invited or considered. We can’t go out shopping around so our gifts are limited to what we have access too.

That is why I am trying to inspire you all and help others too, use their skills. Distracting them and giving them a purpose.

Everyone has a purpose - we are on this Earth for a reason.

Sometimes we just need a little reminder or push in the right direction.

If you have any gift ideas - please share! 

Sparkle in your own way! 

People may discard you, forget you.. but as long as you believe in yourself you are unstoppable and will shine. 

You are an angel- brought from heaven. 



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