• Sophie Ward

Day 10- Find Your Zen.

You guessed it- it’s that kind of day.

The kind of day you have lots to be doing but nothing is getting done. 

You are a dead weight. 

You are questioning are you alive ? You are unsure.

Your body doesn’t want to work but you push, push and continue to push. 

You have a list a mile long... where do you start?

You don’t even want to address the list so you seem to lose track of everything then stress at the end of the day that you haven’t done half of what you wanted but you are too tired to try and carry them out. 

You have watched the world begin enjoying all the social fun of Christmas. Whilst you are left behind the glass - looking in.

Watching the fun unfold whilst you plod along like a zombie. 

Today it’s time to find your inner zen.

Stress and pain levels are high.

How can you de-stress and relax😢?

You are hurting physically and mentally. 

Physically through your symptoms, and mentally from being unable to enjoy everything everyone else can throw themselves into.

You feel life is such an endless struggle. A drain, and terribly painful.

Yet everyone else is laughing and enjoying the party. Where’s you night off and party?

Where is your slice of the cake?

Everyone else is eating you the sweet treats. 

Why can’t you have a slice.

The hard truth is that we don’t have the same gifts that others receive from life.

Some receive talents, skills. Some receive social skills, some receive brains and some receive strength. 

We may look & compare ourselves to others.

We become upset that we aren’t out clubbing, heavy drinking and dancing on tables.

But deep down - unwell or fit, that isn’t really our pleasure.

So we need to stop comparing.

Finding our zen - realising what is important to us. What brings us pleasure. Whether it’s talking to a friend on the phone, eating dinner with family, writing poetry and so on.

We aren’t all party animals. Although that’s what everyone is doing this time of year doesn’t mean we are missing out. 

We can create our own fun, our own happiness and pleasures. 

We don’t follow the crowd.

On the rough days, it’s important to take some quiet time to ourselves.

We want to push through and prove ourselves. Feel alive. 

We watch others thriving and we want to as well.

We often overwork and overwhelm ourselves during these days. Only leading to burn outs. 

More pain... 

We have the give ourselves credit.

Realise that fate handed us the strength card and rather than dismissing it, calling ourselves weak, unworthy, a drain and no fun, we must appreciate that the card we have been handed is the best of the whole deck.

We may not feel like we are worthy or worth anything in fact but we are worth so much. 

We have been given the challenege of being handed the best but most difficult cards to play with. Only to help us develop and grow further. 

Walking around, pushing, making conversations, being polite, raising awareness and creating projects out of your skills. Is worth far more than drinking yourself into a coma.

You may not have all the pictures or laughs but you have the proof of hard work, passion and dedication. All of which is not just worth more but also means and adds so much more to the world. 


Make peace with yourself. 

Congratulate yourself on your strength - inner and outer. 

Be proud of the person you are. 

Pamper yourself and take time to relax. 

You are doing the best you can.. 

finding strength when others would call it a day, smiling when others would cry, being present to support loved ones when others would stay in bed, being positive and being the sun when others would be the rain.

The greatest men in history hard the toughest rides in life..

We must take comfort in that fact and realise we are shining stars in many ways.

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