• Sophie Ward

Day 11- Remember These 7

The stress is piling up, we are feeling the pressure. Along with that stress we get ourselves so wrapped up that we forget to enjoy ourselves. 

Here is the day we have to remind ourselves of the 7 rules of life. 

I for one need to follow these a lot closer. 

1.Make peace with your past so it doesn’t affect your present. We have all made mistakes and live with regret. These feelings are only extra negative baggage. Baggage we need to leave at the station and hop on the train without them to continue the adventure of life. 

2. Ignore judgements. Everyone will make a judgement in every part of your life. You must remember you are living your life and know yourself better than anyone. Especially negative judgements are usually out of jealousy. So twist the negative around and see it as a compliment and positive . 

3. Time heals almost everything. I am not sure if I believe in this rule however with time we do carry on experiencing life and it’s adventures gaining lots of strength and learning lessons on the way. These helping towards inner healing because we learn how to have strength to overcome hurdles and lessons to help solve problems that before were puzzles. 

4. Don’t compare yourself to others. This is a bigg’ie and one we so easily and often do. Learning not to compare yourself but learning your strengths and focusing on them. Leaves you more time to work on succeeding in your strengths rather than dismissing them or putting them down. 

5. Stop thinking so much. No matter how much we replay a situtation or plan things out we will never truly get the answer. The answers only appear through living and when you least expect them.

6. Nobody is in charge of your happiness but you! No therapist can wipe away your sorrows, nobody can take away your pain,  no pill can mend a battered heart and no food ( unfortunately )can soothe a wounded soul. You have to learn yourself what brings you happiness and practise them more often. You must choose to see the positives not the negatives in any situtation. You choose happiness by adapting and learning that you only get one shot a life. This is your own chance- so don’t spend it being miserable. 

7. Smile. So simple yet some infectious. Remember you deserve to smile and be happy. You don’t owe the world anything or any of its problems. You don’t own all the problems in the world. Smile and light up the world. Be the rainbow in someone’s grey skies. 

Following these rules will definitely help towards a happier life, whether suffering with chronic illness or fit and healthy. 

We all get wrapped up in the stress, society, self-loathing and punishing cycle. 

It’s time to get off that train..


The baggage and get one a swish fast modern train.. onto a brighter future.

With the New Year in sight there isn’t a better time to start putting this building blocks in place. 

To make 2018 you best year - yet!

Keep spirits high and shining bright!



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