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Day Seventeen- There’s A Theme. Week Round Up- So Much To Say

The theme surrounds us, happiness and laughter.

What are the key 🔐 habits to try and follow this festive season;

1. Plan- plan ahead and organise yourself. Don’t be rushing around and panicking.

2. Reduce stress: whether it’s gifts or where you are spending Christmas. The gifts don’t matter, the thought is what counts. And most importantly follow your heart to where you want to spend Xmas. Don’t go somewhere you won’t enjoy. 

3. Rest up: we watch everyone go out and have major parties 🎈 but we simply can’t wipe ourselves out. Christmas Day is fast approaching. It’s going to be a busy day so don’t be overwhelming yourself. You want to be on the best form possible. Remember to ensure you have plenty of ‘me’ time. 

4. Gratitude: practise gratitude everyday. It really will have put everything into perspective. 

5. Stock up on meds: ensure you have all the med’s you need over the Xmas period. We don’t and can’t afford to be missing meds when we will need them most. 

Simple practices that can make your life easier & Christmas better.


Weekly round up.

It’s been a hard week, up and down and plagued with ill health. 

This theme is fight!

I lost my voice on Friday and it’s still croaky, my head and chest are also sore and emotionally I have been everywhere.

I know many think I do nothing - but I never stop.. I am always focused on the next project.

I went out last night and am suffering today. 

Not as bad as Friday - I can still move but just two hours out has really knocked me - yet again.

It knocks you mentally and physically. Why can’t you just be like everyone else?

I hate days like these, they just drag on and I am unable to do everything I want to. 

It’s been a busy week however;

- we shared our view about Lyme disease and our human rights being violation to the UN.

- I completed my mental health diploma and began my health and nutrition diploma. 

- Lymedisease.org published the results of the first major discussions in Washington DC by the TBD ( tick bone disease ) panel.

Issues such as the disease being a greater risk than HIV and the Lyme can survive 28 days of an antibiotic course were raised.

This is frightening I KNOW.. here is what was said;

It is apparent from these data that B. burgdorferi bacteria, which have had time to adapt to their host, have the ability to escape immune recognition, tolerate the antibiotic doxycycline and invade vital organs such as the brain and heart,”

The findings also demonstrated: - All subjects treated with antibiotics were found to have some level of infection 7 – 12 months post treatment. - Despite testing negative by antibody tests for Lyme disease, two of 10 subjects were still infected with Lyme bacteria in heart and bladder. - Lyme bacteria which persist are still viable. 

The results show: -Few subjects displayed a rash. Although all subjects were infected, only one of the 10 displayed a rash with central clearing, the classical “bulls-eye” rash. The subject that developed this rash, interestingly, never mounted an immune response to five borrelia antigens throughout the study period, prior to and following treatment.

-Organs may be infected even if antibody tests are negative. One subject which tested negative for burgdorferi by skin biopsy cultures, PCR and in vivo cultures, was found to have B. burgdorferi infecting the heart. Another untreated subject, who was ultimately shown to have residual Lyme bacteria inthe bladder, showed a decrease in immune response over the course of infection, with a negative xenodiagnosis test in the late stage, which would signal that the animal self-cured.

-Intact spirochetes were found in three of five treated and four of five untreated subjects based on xenodiagnosis results 12 months after the tick bite.

-Immune responses to burgdorferi varied greatly post-treatment, with one subject’s antibody levels dropping to pre-bite levels for three antigens while another subject experienced elevated antibodies for the same antigens throughout the study period.

-This is significant because it demonstrates that subjects infected with the same strain of B. burgdorferimay have different immune responses to the same antigen. And, because humans, like primates, are genetically diverse, it underscores that testing antibody responses may be inherently unreliable as a singular diagnostic modality for Lyme disease.

-Widespread and variable microscopic disease was observed in all infected subjects, despite antibiotic treatment. 

-Compared to uninfected subjects of the same age, infected subjects in this study (treated and untreated) demonstrated Inflammation in and around the heart, in skeletal muscles, joints, and the protective sheath that covers the brain, and near peripheral nerves.

-Rare, but intact burgdorferi spirochetes were found in the tissues of both the treated and untreated subjects. In two subjects treated with doxycycline, multiple Lyme bacteria were observed in the brain tissue. Others organs in which the spirochetes were observed included the heart, joints, bladder, skeletal muscle and adjacent to peripheral nerves. 

These findings are alarming. It’s good that more talks and discussions are being held. That tbe truth is coming out about this awful disease. 

Hopefully the more research done and damning evidence is found the more recognised this disease will become. 

- I contacted Alpro about my unsweetened yoghurt which my local Sainsbury’s don’t stock. They told me to contact the store directly and thanked me for my compliments towards their brand.

- I contacted Sainsbury’s explained my situtation and they are putting a request in for me to restock their yoghurt. Result. 

- I completed my immunology certificate with a 90% pass. 

- I finished my Christmas shopping but I still have projects ( DIY’ing) to complete. 

- I made people laugh with my bad drawings and poems for my Xmas cards. 

- I managed 2 hours out around people, despite paying for it today.

- my weight improved, my liver ATL is now ALMOST back to normal but my immune system deeped below normal. 

- I lost my voice.

- I looked into mast cell activation syndrome. Where the Lyme has changed my cells so much that my intolerances May continue to increase and symptoms to get worse. That the more I am naughty and push through my intolerances the more damage I do the worse the reacts will be and could be fatal.

- a fellow Lyme disease sufferer died from serotonin  syndrome which I suffered from in October this year. He was admistered by the GP a pain killer that should not have been mixed with his anti-depressant. And he died. I was lucky, at the time I felt like I could have died, itching like crazy, unable to sit up and my mood so dangerously low. But I survived. This issues has to be raised because it’s serious. Please don’t take anything until you have researched it first. 

- I contacted an MP who, herself had a lucky escape with Lyme. 

- new posters and warnings about ticks are being put up in parks and in the Lakes.

- the NHS have changed their Lyme describe on their website. Explaining about the more intense symptoms of Lyme and that ‘post-Lyme’ does exist but they still play it down. We are one step closer to being listened to. 

- there are serious discussions and conferences going on in America about the threat of Lyme. Hopefully this will put the NHS to shame and prompt the jab being made and on the market ASAP to prevent the disease. 

So much...

I am zapped.

How busy as your week been?

I have waffled enough for today but you are well and truly up to date now.

Have a blessed weekend,



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