• Sophie Ward

Twenty Three- The Best Gifts Are Free

Money, money, money. Your pockets could be filled full but your heart may be empty.

Money cannot buy you happiness and happiness, love and support are the best treasures in life.

So this is the perfect time to spread and share these treasures. 

The greatest gifts in life are free,

Follow me,

You will see,

That we must let fate be,

Try and be happy and spread all the joy we can,

I, myself am only human,

We need our spirits lifted and to feel joy,

We deserve to enjoy,

Keep love in your heart,

Then we will never be apart,

An evelope of love,

Sent above above,

Christmas magic from the sky falls like snow,

Over the rough seas you row, 

A smile on your face,

Act always with grace,

A kind heart heals the world in the best way,

What more can I say,

Material objects fade,

Don’t be pushed into the shade,

Be the colour in everyone’s grey,

Special in every way,

You open peoples eyes,

Nobody will ever understand your inner cries, 

If you brighten their day,

In your kind of way,

You are stronger than you know,

Your mind may feel slow,

Your heart still beats,

Get comfy in your seats,

The ride has just begun,

I haven’t yet won,

Remember me for the greatest gifts that life can give,

Me you must please forgive,

My pain,

Is sometimes to much of a strain,

I love you all the same,

Busy playing the game,

Deal me a card to play,

There is no button to replay,

Move slowly and make a footprint,

To you secrets I may hint,

Share the Christmas magic today,

Make everyday day special in some way,

Good or bad,

It’s ok to be sad,

I’ll lift you up and love you all the same,

I know the game,

To well it seems,

Yet my smile still beams,

Spread love,

To all on Earth and in the heavens above,

It is the season,

To spread more love for an important reason. 

Spread love, show kindness always, enjoy the treasures, soak up the pleasure and live as much as you can. 

Promise me. 

Give out the hug, share the kisses, hand out kind words and glow.

I am still suffering from eating too much oil on Thursday evening, my temperature 🤒 is 35.9 which is high for me, I can feel the crawling down my neck and spine, my hands and feet are burning, my throat is swollen and my chest is bad. I am truly hoping this passes before Xmas. The fun we have to got through.



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