• Sophie Ward

Poem - Christmas Cheer Sadness

Christmas cheer,

It comes around every year,

On my face there is a tear,

As the time draws ever near,

You are reminded you are different and not like your friends,

There are many lose ends,

Left unseen in the dark,

You try so hard to keep your spark,

You watch everyone enjoy,

Soaking up all the joy,

From your desk you watch cars come and go, 

Unable to drive far away you know,

A shell of a person you used to be,

When will you be able to be free,

Four walls surround you,

Always show the kind heart that makes you,

Bed over the bar,

You can’t go for long or far,

Outings endless trouble for you,

How can I make this day through?

You hear other cheers,

From your eyes roll the tears,

A life I nolonger live,

It’s not my fault but myself I can’t forgive,

People don’t see you pain,

They are just out to see from life what they can gain,

That’s okay,

I’ll watch you play,

Don’t get mad at my sadness though,

It’s silly I know,

You walk in my shoes and see,

You will want to be anyone but me, 

Take the Christmas cheer with you,

Promise me to live for me, if it’s the last thing you do,

I’ll dress up pretty to hide my pain,

You may think I am going insane, 

Christmas is here,

And most importantly I am still here.



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