• Sophie Ward

Poem - Reality.

I have a temperature oh lucky me, 

It’s not easy for me,

One party day,

Has wiped me out cold let’s just say,

A few hours of fun,

Round my body the bacteria run,

Unwrapping hard,

My body I wish to discard,

You rock yourself to sleep,

On and on you weep,

That won’t heal you though you know,

Your sadness to others you are too embarrassed to show,

For one day just one day,

You want to feel normal in some way,

Eat, drink and eat some more,

Not be the one in bed by eight and a total bore,

Your pain you can’t ignore,

You try to hide the tears and smile more,

Lights so bright you are blinded and can hardly see,

Hopefully nobody will tell looking at me,

The pain that flows through my veins,

The constants battle strains,

No rest day for me,

Through my little break I have to keep fighting alone you see,

Happiness is passed around,

Slowly dying without a sound,

You want to be part of the day,

You try to be normal in every way,

Yet knowing you aren’t normal is killing you,

What more can I do,

Fighting my body and my soul,

Soon takes its toll, 

The nights are dark and long,

I try to be strong,

Enjoying the days I am included,

Knowing the next days of fun I will be excluded,

Unable to party like they all do, 

They don’t want to deal with you, 

Your body and soul tired but you can not rest,

You try to doll yourself up and look your best,

People say you look well,

Knowing they can’t really tell,

The fake smile you can proudly sell, 

The show will end soon with no recall bell, 

Fill your glass up and ignore the rest,

You are trying your best,

You deserve to share some form of fun,

Your days are filled mostly with rain you rarely see the sun,

I will suffer for my sins today,

At least I can say I lived the best way,

I don’t fear death anymore,

The pain I can’t ignore,

I just have to live for me,

As much as I can you see,

It’s not easy for me,

I am here and for now and I have to accept just being me,

That is enough,

The road is tough,

But time with loved ones is a must, 

My inner strength and heart I must trust,

I am willing to accept the payback for today,

It’s a special time and day,

I lived for me,

That in the end is how life should be. 



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