• Sophie Ward

24 Things On My Bucket-List..

We all have bucklists , goals and dreams. 

Here are mine:

1. Be the best person possible: give 100 per cent in everything, spread positivity not negativity, by remembered not forgotten and be the kindest soul possible. 

2. Travel more: the best way to learn is experiencing things first hand. The world is a fascinating place with many things to learn, many cultures to experience and beautiful sights to see.

3. Be successful: work hard and keep on fighting until I reach my goals.

4. Be remembered for the right reasons: as someone who is irreplaceable & made a difference.

5. Keep gaining knowledge: knowledge is power. 

6. Spend as much time with family and friends as possible.

7. Have a warm home.

8. See Thailand.

9. Take more family trips.

10. Help people.

11. Appreciate my talents.

12. Accept myself completely.

13. Ask do I want this!? Rather than listening to outside noise.

14. Not be affected by judgements: they are often said out of jealousy. 

15. To write more poetry.

16. To become a better blogger.

17. Change the world 🌍 as much as I can.

18. Live!!!!

I don’t get much chance so when I can I must take the opportunity. 

19. Keep an open mind!

20. Believe in fate and have full trust in the paths we are placed on.

21. Celebrate more! Celebrate every victory - big or small, they are all important. 

22. Share successes without being embarrassed.

23. Live in Washington or at the very least take more trips there.

24. Have achieved as much as I possibly can before my time is up. 


We all have many hopes and dreams but now is a better time than ever to really start chasing them. 

Love always



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