• Sophie Ward

24 Facts About Me.

Time to be open and honest- you may learn a thing or two about me.

1. A veggie- I’ve been vegetarian since I was five and a half through choice.

2. Rose gold- rose gold jewellery is like nothing else.

3. I believe in angels and white feathers- they make me feel as if I am protected despite all the pain I am in. I must relax and have faith in the path I am on. 

4. If I like something I love it- I find it hard to really like something but if I do I really do love it. 

5. My family are also my best friend’s- I am truly lucky to have such an amazing family. 

6. I want to be remembered.

7. Summer is my favourite season.

8. Washington is my favourite place I’ve ever travelled too. I would happily live there.

9. I smile, laugh & talk.. I hide my pain- you become the perfect actress. 

10. 50s-60s are my favourite time period: all the glam and idols from the time is where I gain a lot of my inspiration. 

11. I love a bit of jazz! It remind me of the 1920s, flapper girls and feathers what more do you want!

12. Swimming was my favourite sport.

13. To swim in the London 2012 Olympics and be the female version of Phelps was my dream since the age of 11.

14. I love history: especially the 20th century history. History repeats itself. It’s important to acknowledge the past & past mistakes so we can grow and process not repeat the mistakes that took place years previously due to our igornace. 

15. Top four colours;

Rose gold - who doesn’t love it?

Red- red signifies strength, danger & power. It’s eye catching!

Purple- the most professional colour. It’s a colour many can relate with and enjoy. 

Grey- grey is like me complex and it doesn’t fall into a clear box, like black and white. It goes well with so many clothes and is softer than gloomy black. 

16. I recently completed diplomas in:

- customer service

- businesss management

- health & nutrition 

- mental health

Along with certificates in driving sales & immunology. 

17. I’m my worst enemy: I push myself and always expect the best of myself. I am not very confident as a person or in my abilities.  I always expect more. 

18. I’d love to have married Bobby Kennedy: he went after the mafia, like myself with Lyme he knew they would get him in the end but that didn’t mean he was going to surrender and back down. He would make it as hard as he could for them to continue thriving and causing chaos within America. There aren’t many who dare to be that fearless now. Fearless, that put other people’s safety & lives before their own!!

19. I used to play with beads back in my childhood years. For hours and hours! 

20. I get hurt easily. I have been hurt in many different ways.

21. My favourite traits in a person are: humour, positivity and kindness.

22. I love Tanzanite! My favourite, there is only one mine left in Africa now. 

23. I kept a daily diary for 5 years until going into hospital in November. I haven’t written since. 

24. I can relate to Monroe’s life story: she lived surrounded by the glamour. She painted the brave smile on but she really held so much emotional and physical pain from the world. She wasn’t just an actress on the silver screen but an actress in life. She felt she had to be a certain way to be loved. 

I know, I know. 

Many of you will know all these facts about me.

Though I hope there are a couple you didn’t know. 


I had so many plans for this day. To be travelling and not be home.

I know 24 isn’t a big birthday but it meant a lot to me.

For so many years I had so much planned for this year but fate had other ideas. I can’t change where fate wanted me to be, despite how sad and upset it makes me.

I can’t relive turning 24.. like my condition I just have to accept the situation as it is. Trying to make the best of it. 

Birthdays are important to me- it’s the only time of year that it’s ok ( in my eyes) to put myself first. For that reason I always try to do something for the day and use it wisely.

This year - gifts are hard to accept because I don’t feel I deserve them. I’ve been such a drain & caused my loved ones so much pain!

I am having a gathering to feel people around me and not feel alone in the fight.

I don’t feel well enough to commit to making plans for today nor due to the upset and my low mood do feel I can put the brave smile on. 

I just need to despite my mood make the best of not just this day, but everyday.

I am responsible for making 24 a year & age to remember. 

Let’s hope the angels & fate hear my prayers.



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