• Sophie Ward

Heart Ache - Poem

You know the sadness your presence brings,

In your ears negativity sings,

You try to shake it out of you,

Nothing is ever good enough that you do,

You fight for your own happiness and the ones you hold dear,

Day after day you let them down your one and only fear,

You try to be upbeat and be a smile,

Rarely real- it’s been a while,

You lock yourself away to recharge and stay out of the way,

Unsociable some may say,

I cry alone so I am not spreading my sad heart around,

Dying inside without a sound,

You feel and cause the pain,

Just an endless drain,

There is no right or wrong,

You try to be strong,

You try to save the hurt, 

Use positivity and the traits you have learnt,

You try everyday to have purpose when you didn’t want to get out of bed,

There we go again you see red, 

When will this nightmare end,

It’s never my friend,

Alone in no-man’s land,

It’s sinking sand, 

My loved ones I don’t want to cause pain,

Somehow wherever I walk I bring the rain,

When I walk in,

The stress for others does begin,

I’d rather sleep,

Harbour the secrets I keep,

My nights filled with nightmares,

Open your eyes - the heartbreak to nothing else compares,

My love for others goes above my own,

Within myself I have grown,

This is and will never be enough,

It’s tough,

We have laughed and joked about health,

We revalued wealth,

But this game,

Makes everyone insane,

We did all we could,

Not always as we should,

Nothing else matters now you see,

Sometimes we have to let the things we love go and be free. 


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