• Sophie Ward

The American Charm

Over the past few days America in my ways have been capturing my attention.

We all know I adore and simply love America, especially Washington. 

Many of the Lyme sufferers on the UK discussion group are flying out at the end of this week to take on treatment with Dr Jemsek. Dr Jemsek now has his own clinic in Washington after insurance companies tried to sue him for treating chronic Lyme patients. 

Luckily for us he has managed to grow not fold under authority pressure and now runs his own private clinic. 

I have heard mixed reviews about receiving treatment over there. 

Treatment is intense and is carried out over many months. Relying highly on antibiotics. That is the one thing that I feel the States are behind on. They have a health system so reliant on drugs. That they feel the only way to cure any illness and disease is through antibiotics and pharmaceutical drugs. I know full well that this does not work for everyone. Not only do some people not benefit from this treatment angle but the bacteria shape-shifts and so hides itself from the immune system and the antibiotics, only allowing treatment to be short lived. 

People spend thousands and thousands on daily antibiotic infusions, switching and changing, extremely far away from home. 

Then there was the Trump - Morgan interview. Trump doesn’t always conduct himself in the correct manner and often ‘puts his foot in it.’ He has very black and white views and that gains him many haters as well as many supporters.

I don’t believe he nor his political views are the same as my own but as a person I do believe he is someone that we could do with in the world. 

He is someone who would be willing to think outside the box, he would want to LEAD the way and make change.

He could actually be able to change this all around for us. 

I wrote to him the other day.. on the appointment of the new Health and Human Services - Alex Azar, I wanted Trump to know the real story about Lyme. Knowing Alex would be appointed today and no doubt there will be talks together throughout the week on the next steps, I wanted Lyme to play a part in their discussions. 

I know, it’s a long shot. You have to try anything though. 

Who knows Putin for all we know may be working on a cure but with new vaccines been tested and funding finally being given to university’s to carry out research I feel this is where we need to focus our energies.

We need as a country also back this new up and coming work, so the US will allow us to purchase the vaccines to use in our own clinics.

So Alex Azar - will he be pushed by Trump and encouraged to dig deeper into further research?

Who knows. 

I put to Trump that a cure may never be possible within our life times but the least that can be done is for our illness to be taken seriously and be accepted. Okay treatment may be limited - but then we should be told straight that our illness is terminal and not that we are crazy, dismissed and left lost. 

Crazy is not the label we deserve. 

Nobody with cancer would be called that, so nor should we. Whatever comes from it all, nobody can say we didn’t try. 

It’s all change for America and especially for the Lyme community. Here we have to sit tight and wait for the NICE guidelines to be published in April. After the distressing and pathetic guidelines that were published in October 2017, I am not pinning my hopes that highly. 

We have to try and keep positive. 

Here with NHS continued dismissal and ignorance the problem continues to become more of a threat and a danger and with insurance companies continuing to sue many highly, trained professionals in America our neglect is only harming not only our health circumstances now but the health of our future generations.

I won’t get tired of continuing to fight the authorities in any country .. until I get answers. 

Let’s hope all this focus on America is a message from the angels in some form. 

We fight on.




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