• Sophie Ward

The Super Moon - Effects

The super moon - it lighted up the dark, midnight skies this past Wednesday evening.

What’s so special about the super moon? Did people even realise that we had seen two full moon cycles In January. 

Not only was last month a busy month but it was a difficult one. 

The Supermoon received its status because it was when the new moon & full moon cycles collide. Causing chaos for Lyme sufferers. Some suffer more on new moons, others on full moons. The gravity levels, tidal levels & drop in temperature allows reproduction to go smoothly and for the bacteria to enjoy better conditions. 

So what does that mean for sufferers?

It meant heightened symptoms - big time. 

I began to feel rough almost two weeks ago now.. which was suprising to me. Maybe it was because I never gave myself chance to recover from the last full moon blip or the curse just decided to really batter me. 

My fatigue has been extreme, my joints have been awful and lung, head and chest pain has left me feeling uneasy. 

My mood has been low. You find yourself in a position questioning how much you will be able to deal with. Secretly always knowing that somehow you will always battle through. 

My white blood cell count has stayed extremely low and my core temperature is forever suppressed. 

People tell you, you look so much better. Yet you feel lost in a world that only a short time ago you felt more a part of. It gets harder to be out socially, it’s harder to feel part of a group, never fully understanding what is going on.

You feel embarrassed and truly exhausted you hoping that people didn’t realise your struggle. 

You are told you aren’t more poorly don’t be silly. You know damn well everyday gets harder and harder. You results are proof of this even if the shell has improved. 

How do we cope with heightened symptoms ?

Most of the time we have little choice but to try our best just to move, often failing. We aren’t as quick, we aren’t as upbeat and we have less energy. 

Many don’t leave their beds. I can tell you it’s been taxing this time to keep fighting through. 

I never get the opportunity to go out, out these days and conference is the time of the year I get the opportunity to have a good couple of nights out in glam dresses and good company. It’s the time of year I spend hours on getting ready and take time to put my look together. This year was very different. It was a quick, bath & nap, then rush to get ready. This is disappointing but I couldn’t of had it any other way. I felt awful. It took me a good two hours of being around people to find my feet and kick my brain into gear to socialise. 

Acceptance is difficult - it’s one of the biggest daily battles.

Accepting that you aren’t normal. You aren’t like everyone else. Not through choice.

My Mum got mad at me when I was upset for having to leave conference day half way through. I expect more of myself.. everyone else can do a few day and three late nights out, why the hell cant I? I look a waste of space and a joke.

She reminded me of all the work I do from home, and the behind the scenes work. 

She told me I do too much and push too hard most of the time.

What I find difficult is finding acceptance for feeling the way I feel because even I can’t explain why and how I feel. So because I don’t understand it why should anyone else accept it.. 

it would just be seen as attention seeking. 

I hate wasting time just watching a film or colouring in the day. They are fab for calming the mind and resting the body but to me they aren’t work. Despite often watching educational films and colouring to create a piece . It’s not not being as I expect productive to be. They make me feel lazy and unproductive. 

That is something I have to come to terms with and find acceptance in.

Tomorrow I want to explore famous idols who suffered with chronic illnesses- many hid them so very well. Many didn’t know they were suffering. 

I get upset that people don’t see my real pain but maybe I should take it as a positive - that the Great’s I adore and look up to managed to hid their illnesses from the world so very well. 

I think it’s important to study idols and their secrets to prove that everyone , even those who were successful in life faced many hardships, highs and lows and how they dealt with them. It gives you faith when you have little that you can still create greatness - no matter what. 

That’s why I enjoy studying them- the give me hope. 


The Supermoon- now at the back end, hopefully means that we can have some relief. 

We have a hell’of a year moon wise with lots of special moons on the horizon. Who knows what we are in for or the affects they will bring. 

At just 25 years old,a lady from Breakspear had a port fitted to her heart so she could continue IV infusion treatments, as her veins were too weak and kept collapsing.

This has hit a cord with me.. my veins rarely play ball and I don’t at 24 want a port to have to be fitted so I can access the antibtiocs and herbal treatments to keep my body stable. 

You think of this disease as a fake, blown out of portion disease.

One tick, just one. Can cause a life that becomes an endless struggle. One far more tasking and challenging mentally, physically and emotionally than you can ever prepare for. 

With tick season upon us we really need to become wise to symptoms, press doctors when you feel you need treatment and educate yourselves on checks and how to remove ticks. 

Symptom checker;

1. Lung pain- like they are heavy with liquid.

2. Head pain.

3. Chest pain- both sides.

4. Fatigue - never improving!

5. Joint pain- throbbing, sharp & aching.

6. Leg pain! 

7. Burning feet ( especially at night ).

8. Nightmares - a new problem. 

9. Temperature flauntions. 

10. Brain fog & confusion. 

11. Nausea - feeling off. 

12. Lose of senses- mainly taste. 

If anyone can relate or suffers in similar ways please let me know.

I’d love to hear from you and your side of the story.

Keep finding a way to shine. 



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