• Sophie Ward

Celebrating 100 Years Of Women

Women are often seen as the hidden, secret and unsung hero’s of history. We are taught so much about the Great men of our time and their successes but women rarely get their spread of appreciation in the history books when they are responsible for creating a lot of the success we have enjoyed in previous years and go on to enjoy today. 

To celebrate 100 years of women having the right to vote. I wanted to celebrate my women role models. 

1. The Queen: many forget that the queen herself was only 25 when she took on the role of being our Queen. She lived in a time where the country had been battered and was exhausted by a tragic war. There was great unrest in amongst the people as the future looked unpredictable. She has remained a strong force even into her old age. Now well beyond the age of retirement she never looks tired or as if she is lacking in energy. She has faced much unrest through out her own country and the world. In form of wars, terror attacks and tragic accidents. She keeps up her foreign affairs and is deeply loved throughout the world. She is always graceful & addresses her people in a way we can all relate to her. Her success is very much overshadowed by the establishment that showcases a strong Parliament & Government that really rule the country. People forget that the Queen still does pulls the strings on many subject behind closed doors. She has achieved the goal of being Britain’s longest reining monarch. As still to this day is still going strong. 

2. Princess Di: a troubled woman with a heart of gold. She was so incredibly relatable despite her title. She used her title in the best way- to help others and raise awareness on subjects many would rather turn a blind eye too. She was the voice for so many whom had felt for years had not had a voice. Her beauty and charm won over everyone’s hearts. She was the perfect example of on paper ‘having it all’ but in reality living a deeply heartbreaking existence plagued with self-destructive habits, heart ache and torment. She proved that perfection didn’t exist but that we must make the best of every situtation, using our hearts over our egos.

3. Maggie Thatcher: loved by many, hated by many. Whether you loved her or loathed her she was a leader. She proved to women that anything is possible and quite frankly we could fit into a man’s world and really make a difference. She was our first woman Prime Minister and with her ambition and decisive nature she stuck to her guns. Whether it ended in defeat or victory she would always take ownship and not shy away from the critics. Her fearless nature, left many fearful of her. This only adding to her natural, strong leader nature. 

4. Monroe : many wouldn’t say she was a strong, leader. And in many ways she wasn’t. She is proof that strength comes in many ways. She wasn’t passing bills but she was making the silver screen feel like real life. Her acting left people entertained and memorised by her wonderful performances. A girl whom had come from a background of foster homes and being so lost in the world to becoming the most loved woman in America and a women we all still enjoy watching a reading about today. 

Her start & background just goes to show that we can become anything we want to be. That a good dose of hard work and never giving up are the building blocks to amazing success. 

Her personal life and tragic death also show that the glitz and the glamour, all the money and fame many people still chase after these days isn’t worth it. They won’t make you happy. You must do a job you love and work hard for your own personal success not just to line your pockets. 

5. Anne Frank: seen and remembered as many as the Jewish war girl who simply kept a diary. Without her diary however many would not understand or believe the true evil nature of the Facist regime and the  true suffering inflicted on the innocent. 

Her bravery to keep writing and doing something she enjoyed doing to help her cope with her situation and to leave a trace for us. Many of us get upset because our work is not celebrated at the time. However if we look at the case of Anne, she is a perfect example that reveals that sometimes our hard work can’t achieve instant success. We must not give up or become disheartened as further down the line we may create more success than we ever deemed possible.

6. Eva Person: loved by her Argentina people. She used her status to campaign day in day out for the poor. 

Like Diana she proves that a heart of gold isn’t wasted in the cruel cold world we live in. It’s not always recognised at the time but boy does it decorate and brighten up our days. It gives us drives and inspiration. 

That we as normal people can change the world with kindness too.

7. My Mama: the list wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Mama. 

She is my start and my inspiration.

She taught me the major life lessons, showed me how to show kindness, gave me my fighter soul and made me into the woman I am today.

I look up to her so much.

She is the success behind the business, with her modern, creative ideas. Her house is always a showhome where she hosts so many of us. She is the rock and my shoulder to cry on. 

She is the unsung hero of our family. She rushes around left, right and centre ( I wish I could do the same ). She would lend a hand to anyone and is so incredibly talents and inspiring

She may not have won a world war, have a title or a crown on her head ( in theory) but to me she has done all of those and more. 

She doesn’t need the titles and accessories to prove that.

Women throughout the world and history have shaped the world we live in today. We have suffered many tragic defeats and many extremely amazing successes. We learn as we grow. 

In time we will further our goals - our personal goals and universal goals enabling us to only further our growth, our reputations and our presence.

If ever we doubt ourselves we must look and remember the women above to remind us that anything is possible. All our dreams and goals can come true.

We do and deserve to leave footprints on the pages of history. 


There are many, many more amazing women who have changed history - Rosa Parks, Jane Austin and Cleopatra to name a few but that show the vast number of amazing women we could spend all day going into detail about. 

I hope you gain inspiration from this post and realise we do have a place, a purpose & worth and the pages of history prove it. 

We are all warriors and we know it,




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