• Sophie Ward

Time Is A Wheel - Poem

Time is a wheel,

The pain we feel,

With time we wish we would heal,

Yet the reality is ever more real,

We forgive but can’t forget,

What we gave and what we get,

Never adding up as we had hoped,

Off the ‘normal’ chart you have sloped,

People see the happy shell,

Drowning- can’t you tell?

Don’t be silly you hide it so well,

You aren’t the one ringing the bell,

You can’t end the pain,

You try not to get caught out in the rain,

Life is tougher day by day,

More than just gift but a job in someway,

No break time, 

The the clock continues to chime, 

A twist of lime is a sour taste to swallow,

Don’t sit an wallow,

Cry - it’s allowed,

Of you all achieve you should be so proud,

Wipe the tears,

Many - so many throughout the years,

Make up smudges but it needs to, 

People don’t understand the pain you smile through,

You should be in Hollywood, 

You are never safe or out of the woods,

One day,

You pray,

Things will be easier and you can be you,

With all that we have been through,

The sacfrices made,

The brave face that begins to fade,

Our hearts break,

Our body aches,

Tomorrow is another fight,

You try to rest up over the night,

The sun rises,

There are no comprises,

The pain to begin to move too great,

You would rather die than face your fate,

Yet you get up and nobody questions your strength,

You always go the extra length,

People forget the state of your health,

You have everything in life,

I am blessed,

Wrong you have guessed,

My life is not the one I truly want to lead,

Negativity I can’t feed,

Time moves on,

Be your own number one,

This may not be my dreams,

Nothing is ever as it seems,

I make the best,

I must forget the rest. 


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