• Sophie Ward

Over The Pond

Lyme News this week.

Just 15 hours ago the bill in Maryland, USA was passed stating that insurance companies had to pay and cover treatments for Lyme patients. This is massive. So many doctors in the US have been sued and lost their licenses because insurance companies have refused to pay for treatment for the disease. Maryland is the sixth state with the highest Lyme levels in the US. Let’s hope that this encourages other states to fight insurance conpanies and get treatment paid for rather than us fighting them. 

Texas, in Dallas a new Facebook campaign has begun. To raise awareness and be able to access better levels of care for sufferers. 

It’s becoming ever more present within our society. We seem to be in the news with a new story every week on a new patient. Trying to show the real horrific disease that the media & health professionals often try to play down. This can nolonger be the case as more and more people become affected. 

Hopefully all these massive successes over the pond will cross over and rub off on us.

I know it’s a long road, a road in which we may have to battle hard through and not really benefit from. We have to think of the wider picture however and how we can help further generations. Our work can help save lives. 

Now that’s something which is extremely important. 

Helping all we can is what drives our passion and motivation. 

We can do anything we put our minds to it.

I’ll keep my wild dreams of making my mark on the world. 

We fight on.



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