• Sophie Ward

Does The Curse End? The Ticking Time Bomb.

What is going on?

I don’t know and it’s upsetting me more than I can express. Now there is talk of half moon symptoms. If the full moon wasn’t enough. 

This phase is called - Equinox (half freezing, half burning ). I can relate to this. The mornings are the worst part of the  day. Yet I am freezing in the morning but can burn up the late afternoon, evening time. 

I do suffer with night sweats but I normally wake up cold but not shivering, aching cold (flu like ). Many on the Lyme group seem to be feeling this as well. People are having to take steps back and I feel them there.  Where is our relief?

My temperature rises through the day because I eat things my body reacts to. In the last few days though I have been heavily fatigued, heavy and lost. Leaving me deeply depressed. 

Here are just some of people’s cries for help and advice for their pain.

If you do feel lost and suspect Lyme - please find comfort and advice from the Lyme Discussion Group. As above people share their pain and we all try to offer support and advice. 

I hate being unproductive but I just can’t do anything. Anything. I am going crazy. 

The more my mood is effected the more I go hunting for purpose and worth. When you can’t be productive this is heavy compromised.

This - this is so hard to put together but again my blog gives me purpose and that’s why it’s important for me to post.

I watched the documentary The Ticking Time Bomb ( available on Amazon prime )yesterday and it was extremely touching. We always get told the Lyme is curable, chronic Lyme is a myth and that our symptoms are just serve but not a threat. 

This documentary showed how deadly our illness is. The heartbreaking stories touched me but what really got me was the  end.. 

there was a man who said he was doing better yet he lost his battle to Lyme. He died. The documentary also highlighted that Lyme has the highest suicide rate of all chronic illnesses. Herx reactions ( reactions that heighten when new treatments begin) often cause people to give up. They ( we ) can’t face the thought or cope with more pain to what we are experiencing. Finally doctors began admitting that a cure or an effective treatment is a long time off and that most effective treatment is prevention!

So when next Spring the vaccine comes out- GET IT. Don’t hesistate! Please. Don’t end up like me.. don’t lose your life, your body and yourself. Please.

I admit, I’ve been a bit of an emotional wreck the last few days. I get mad at myself. I hope things will get better - especially the morning. 

It’s time to do a few nights at home, where I can have that extra hand in the mornings. Before trying my new home again over the weekend. 

I can’t tell you the embarrassment at the difficulty, getting up, getting dressed is(hell) and then unloading the dishwasher, facing breakfast and doing the daily activities. 

I used to be up at 4am, have swam 2 hours, done 30minutes of gym work and was heading to school by 8am for a 7 hour day before training after. I used to be amazing at getting up- always on time, always up. 

Now there is no time to do my hair and even really pick my clothes. I adore fashion and love my clothes. 

I just don’t have the strength. I’ve got something comfy on - I’m good. Hair out of my face.. ok. 

It’s not that I don’t care about my image. I do. It’s just a little lower on my priority list on a day to day basis these days.

My headaches are becoming far more intense and knocking my days out. I hope soon my pain will lighten. 

I wish, I wish I could have attended the bloggers night by Matchbox tomorrow. I am so thrilled and honoured to be asked. I just wish I was closer to London, and feeling better. I’d of loved to of met more bloggers.

It’s a honour to be invited to more events, in many different ways it proves I am touching some of you. There is my purpose.

Thank you for your ongoing support. I truly to attend more events and embrace all the opportunities that arise.

I can’t wait to become a Brand Leader for the amazing Invisiyouth and I will be announced on the 20th March over their social media channels. 

We must try and help, change and share our love with the world.




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