• Sophie Ward

Sports Relief

We have all seen the merchandise that especially Sainsbury’s have been promoting to support Sports Relief.

It’s a fabulous cause and anything for charity and giving back is amazing.

Events like sports relief show and are proof of how we can all come together and support one another when needed.

We live in a cruel world and in the end we all live for the love we share with others.

Love and loving gives everyone a purpose in life and so we should practise more of it. This is a perfect time to start. Watch sports relief tonight. Listen to the stories, witness the suffering and donate in anyway you can. 

Buy a mug you can take to work for your coffee’s.

Buy a badge to brighten up your outfit.

Buy a top to use as a comfy, round the house top. 

Every little helps. 

Believe me it does. 

I know being an admin of the Lyme discussion group & brand leader for Invisiyouth that every act of kindness and giving really makes a difference and does go to a good cause. It’s not about saving a life. That would be the ultimate dream, but it’s about helping raise awareness, giving the suffering a voice, giving them purpose and the little pleasures in life many of us take for granted.

We take the small stepping stones, to in the end lead to the castle. 

We are all stronger as a team and that’s what all these events and fundraisers are about. 

Raising awareness of a serious topic, bringing everyone together to remind ourselves of the love we share and have a blast. 

Life is hard but we can make the most of what we are given. 

You have to snap out of the daily moans and put yourself in the sufferer’s shoes. You would be praying for someone like yourselves to offer an act of kindness.

We must really remember to live by the phrase: ‘treat people as you wish to be treated.’

My t-shirt will be on! 

Enjoy the evening and remember to practise gratitude and show some heart, share the love you have. 

People will be most grateful!




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