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The Dose Of The Very Best


Love, the best medicine that can be prescribed.

It’s been a difficult few weeks but the work load has stayed very demanding. Everyday lots happen, good and bad.

The reality is, everyday seems so much harder. There have been many tears this week but also a lot of love and support shown.

As part of the admin team we have been faced with a tough time.

There have been quite a few deaths recently. The mood of the group is low. NICE guidelines are being published to the public on the 11th April. With no improvements for chronic Lyme disease sufferers. The length of prescribed antibiotics has increased for early stage Lyme from a 2 to a 3 week course. That is the only real amendment.

Many have simply felt left in the cold, with only one option to give up. They have stopped antibiotic treatments because the antibiotics cause long term damage to the body and most of the time don’t improve symptoms enough. People have been selling their herbal remedies, the cost to large to keep popping endless pills. In hope for a miracle.

I, like my professor 👨🏻‍🏫 believe that natural ways of healing are far more effective and helpful for people suffering with chronic disease and a weakened body. 

It still all costs money though and when sufferers have family and children to take care of it’s a hard position to be in. 

Easter weekend is supposed to be a joyful, fun weekend. For us it’s another event we lived through but didn’t really live, live through. The struggle and pain taking over the fun we should feel and the events we should be enjoying. 

The mood of the group will have to be strictly monitored and it’s left to us as admin to build up the group with positivity when we ourselves are struggling to swim over the waves. 

We have lost two of our dear admin team due to the added work, stress and circumstances that have battled through recently. 

They will be dearly missed. 

I have been surprised with  incredible acts of love.

All who and continue to vote for me as a positive role model, warmed my heart. I am forever grateful.

My day was made with my friend Ashleigh Dale writing such a beautiful piece about me for my nomination. Thank you so much.

Vote via the link below;

Voting link!


And my childhood friend Olivia Short setting up the 50-push up challenge to raise money for Lyme disease. Join the fun and upload your 50 push up video, donate and challenge a friend. 

Thank you Olivia. ❣️💫 I am so lucky to have such amazing, beautiful souls as friends. 

Even if you donate as little as £1-£5 every little helps. Thank you Kind Regards Olivia and Sophie. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/sophieward?utm_id=125 

There is some Easter fun to have with the family. 

I am also really honoured to be collaborating with Arielle, an amazing Lyme warrior from across the pond on the symptom of weight loss and Lyme. 

Weight loss has been coming up a lot on the group lately and the Daily Mail a few weeks ago touched weight loss and Lyme. 

It’s one of the symptoms not deemed the worst of a bad bunch and so gets dismissed. 

Some sufferers seem to lose loads of weight or gain a lot of weight.

In the past three years at my lowest after Cuba I had lost an awful 40-45lbs. 

A woman on the group posted how worried she was that she and her daughter ( both battling Lyme) were and had lost over 40lbs. Thinking it wasn’t an ‘as important’ topic I didn’t expect there would be many comments from this women’s post. But there were 68+ in a space of 3 hours. Of people saying they had lost 40+ pounds and struggled with their weight. 

People posting photos of their legs, their weak arms to prove that Lyme really can simply eat away at you. 

I realised it was one of my soul destroying symptoms and others are obviously become troubled by it too. It’s not just a physical symptom but causes a lot of mental and emotional strain. 

I reached out to Arielle about collaborating. Us being 24 and 25 years old, we are at the age where our body’s should be at our best and we are bombarded by beautiful celebs and friends through social media. 

We will both be sharing a snapshot of our journey and 5 tips on how we personally have dealt with our weight loss- the judgements, public outing, doctors appointments and so forth. We both feel it is extremely important to offer support for the people who are battling with this symptom in silence. We hope sharing our stories will bring comfort.


34 head injections. Recovering takes time and the full moon is upon us this Easter Sunday. With all this going on it’s best to try and simply battle through the days and not expect to much of myself ( harder to put into action than spoken)🧘🏼‍♀️. 

In many ways it’s a difficult period in time. We are faced with barriers in many areas and we never seem to be out of the trenches or any closer to peace on any front. We are all over-stretched and the aim of carrying on seems 100x more challeneging to an exhausted, wounded solider than a fresh-faced, strong one. 

My illness has brought me many lessons and helped me push myself in many ways. Ways I never had planned I would face.

I hate my illness but I would still suffer through it to protect others from suffering. 

That is why I push so hard to create change. Fight for acceptance and try to speak for those who like myself feel invisible and as if they have lost their voices.

For now it’s time to relax. 

Another rollercoaster of a week has wiped me out.. 

I still have the full moon wolves to battle yet.

When’s my time off?

Enjoy a lovely family weekend, we lots of memory making going on. 




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