• Sophie Ward

What Life Gives Me

I thought I would use the approach we as admin took yesterday on the Lyme Discussion Group to help raise the mood and get people practising gratitude rather than feeding the negative vibes that so many of us are getting wrapped up in at the moment. 

We encouraged the 8,377 members in the group to comment and let us know what five things brought them pleasure. So we could realise that life does bring us a lot of pleasures despite the tragedy’s.

With today being Friday it’s a good time to recap the week and look forward to the weekend with family and friends. 

So I thought I would share with you my personal pleasures and what I am most grateful for. When we are so down we need to focus on why we fight and why we want life. 

Here are my five pleasures;

1. Pizza crusts. A full pizza may kill me but the pizza crusts give me the simple pleasure of my favourite food with tolerable reactions. Bread and pizzas are what I miss the most and if I eating the crusts when I am a bit naughty is the cause of my death - I died a happy woman!!

2. A large mug of coffee, splash of unsweetened almond milk with chocolate stevia drops! I used to hate coffee but then we went on the study tour which covered the East Coast Of America, so Philly, D.C, Boston and New York. They love their coffees over there and somehow I got into it. I loved that trip so much I think the connection between coffee and the trip is why I love it so much. Adding the stevia drops adds that chocolate flavour without added syrups that would feed the bacteria. Stevia is a plant sugar and is an amino acid so it helps repair cells and mixed with protein repairs tissues ( which is the opposite that the bacteria wants). I add stevia & plant sugars to all my foods hoping that the food combining and minerals will work together and help repair my body. Refined sugar has zero nutritional value and the glucose feeds the bacteria giving them energy to multiple . Keeping my refined sugar intake is a must. Stevia is everywhere now and it’s such a simple and easy change to make. 

3. My blog: it’s my part of the day where I am doing something productive, something I am passionate about and helping others. The reward from seeing new visitors and people leaving lovely comments really inspire me. Thank you so much. 

4. Mother daughter trouble: Mama is my rock. I miss her like crazy even if I haven’t seen her for a short time. I love every second of our time together. It’s not always pleasant - we have faced some painful times but we have had some of the best times too. She inspires and lifts me up everyday. Good or bad days she always has the answer or solves any problems we face. 

5. Mindful colouring: where I can get lost in the image I am colouring and make it my own. Nobody will ever colour that image as I have done. I love using bright colours to brighten my mood and I owe so much to mindful colouring as it keeps me grounded and my mind calm on the stormy days. 

5 things I am most grateful for; 

1. My family and friends. I am super lucky to have a support family and friends. 

I am lucky that my illness has brought us even closer together as a unit. My family are friends and my friends are my family. So many can’t say that. We have a mutual agreement that we must focus more on building memories together and spending as much time together as we can. 

2. My followers and readers: not in a vain way. I am so grateful and thankful to all my followers because you are inspire me to keep working hard, fighting and writing. There are days you just want to give up. Having a wide following and lovely comments kicks you up the bum and wakes you up. That I can’t give up! You encourage me to push my boundaries. Research more, explore new paths, open up and share my personal experiences. It doesn’t just help my healing but all of your healing journeys too. 

3. My beautiful home: a home that works with my current health situtation and of course it’s being Sophified. 

4. My memories: the memories I have been lucky to experience and I cherish them so much. From my swimming days, winning medals, breaking records, modelling moments, school madness, cake dates, pizza binges, holidays, travel trips, family moments, music concerts, book launches, being a part of the Lyme admin, brand leader for Invisiyouth, hitting new blog audiences and so on. I have so many and such a wide range. I am truly blessed. 

5. Fellow sufferers: I spent almost a decade feeling like utter rubbish but going from consultant to consultant and receiving clear test results. My family and friends questioned, why wasn’t I getting better!? Which makes you question yourself and your character. You know you are upsetting and killing them as your health declines and they tell you to ‘snap out of it.’ Or try, this and that. You can’t explain or express your feelings or symptoms to them because you think you are going crazy. You blame yourself for the extra pain you are causing your loved ones that you would never personally hurt. Talking to others who are experiencing the same brings you peace of mind and a bit of comfort. Listening to stories helps you deal with the upsetting experiences you are going through and this is so important not just for physical health, but mental health too. 

I hope that you all can think about what your simple pleasures and what you are most grateful for in this world. Reminding yourself of what positives life gives you. 

When we feel negative we must focus on the positives to keep us sane!! 

Love always




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