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NOW Magazine & Invisiyouth

24, 24 - my lucky number and what a great day I have we been gifted. 

Firstly I am so excited and happy about my article in the NOW magazine. If you haven’t got your copy already, be quick as they don’t hang around on the shelves for very long.

It’s an honour to have my story told by one of the leading UK magazines. The magazine approached Lyme U.K for a person to interview who despite suffering with Lyme disease still makes the best of life and their careers. Like Bella Hadid. Julia, who does a truly amazing job at managing all of our media work and projects within the group, messaged me for the interview. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity and was so honoured to be recognised for all the work I continue to do despite being poorly. 

Next thing I knew I was giving a 45 minute interview to Now and then editing the article whilst laying in my hospital bed before publishing. We live on a tight schedule with these projects but luckily I am used to the unpredictablity because of my illness. I hate my illness and disease and of course find it hard when I am having my bad days. I often try to paint the picture of a strong warrior, untouched by pain and sadness. 

Last week was proof of how my life really is like.

I work hard, raising awareness and may be accused of having my fingers in one too many pies. I am always hungry for new projects, always looking for ways to help and can’t sit down quietly, waiting for the sun. I’ve very active. Yet, at times my health really does take over and my world has to stop or slow down. It’s out of my hands and not in my control. These periods are the worst. 

I am forever pushing through and often paint on a mask for work projects when behind the scenes I am battling may wars. 

I have shared my own personal story with Now, in hope that my struggle inspires other sufferers not just with Lyme but other invisible illnesses too. It’s not always easy to be so open but I have to remind myself why I put myself on the line. The line that faces many judgements and opinions. The firing line, many would say. I do this because even if people speak negatively about my journey, it will only make me fight harder, if people can relate then they will find comfort and fight on and finally to drive change. Change in medical circles, change in Government, change in attitudes and acceptance over ignorance towards Lyme disease. 

The positives outweigh the negatives for me when it comes to speaking out and speaking up. 

Thank you, to all my fellow Lyme admin team for putting me forward and supporting me, my amazing friends and family for your everlasting love and support. My readers and followers, your kind words and messages inspire and movitate me to keep pushing myself and spreading the word. 

A special mention MUST go to my number one Mama. She is why I fight and has made me the woman I am today, in my personal and working life. 

Thank you. 

Grab you copy today and let me know your thoughts.



Invisiyouth is a fabulous non-profit charity that have offices in America, Canada and the UK. 

I am honoured to have be selected and given the position of UK Brand Leader for 2018-2019. 

Today, I have had a long phone conversation with the charity founder- Dominque. Dominque who is 25 herself and suffers immensely with nerve pain. Dominique set up Invisiyouth to support youth’s and young adults who suffer with invisible illnesses find their voices. The charity is a support hub for young people across America, Canada and the UK to connect, meet up, enjoy activities together and fight for medical acceptance. 

I can’t wait to work closely with the charity and Dominque. 

Half of the donations raised at our Murder Mystery Night in August will be going to Invisiyouth. We so look forward to this evening and tickets will be on sale soon (keep your eyes open). 

She was impressed with my already active role. Already having fund raiser plans in motion and being open to public & media opportunities. 

I will be helping to raise awareness for the charity in the area of invisible illnesses. Lyme is very much invisible to the naked eye and I know how frustrating it is when people say, ‘you look fine.’ ‘You look well.’ When you are just about holding on and are infact very poorly. As this is a subject so close to my heart and a situtation I face daily I really wanted to focus on this subject and work closer with it. 

So honoured and thankful for all the opportunities that come my way that means I can help and inspire others. 

Working on the front line and raising as much awareness as possible. 

It’s not about today, it’s about driving & creating change for the tomorrow’s that are yet to come.



Finally, I just wanted to give a mention to my best friend Matthew Holmes, who today achieved a job promotion. A very well deserved, job promotion.

And today it’s just a celebration for myself and my achieves but he is always extremely deserving of a mention. 

He is a person who is extremely close to my heart and we celebrate each other’s successes together and pick each other up and brush each other down on our blips. 

We have been through the good and the stormiest days together. So today is a truly happy day all around. 

Thank you for all your support & kind messages. 

We keep on fighting. 




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