• Sophie Ward

Missed Moments

Moments are created every second of every day. Often without us really being grateful or taking notice of the value these moments equal. 

Here are a few of my missed moments. The moments I took as a given. Part of my routine and part of the life I knew and expected. 

It’s important on the rough days to see the light and so it’s more than ever the time to recap and remind ourselves to practise gratitude for all the little bits and bobs that make up our lives because they aren’t a given. 

1. School lunches: oh boy. I wasn’t the healithest of eaters back in my school days and my tray ( as always ) was piled high. As were the trays of my friends. We would have dessert, often a cake of some sort, a cheese sandwich, probably pasta as well, a packet of crisps AND for me always a twix. I never used to think twice about it. I ate what I liked and I made sure I was full. I never ever thought I would now recap over that daily lunch tray and would now not be able to eat any of it. Lunches were the best part of school, the food wasn’t always fabulous but just having all your friends in one place, gossiping and eating .I may be accused of being easily pleased but those moments give me such joy and mean so much to me. At the time they were just a given and rountine. Now they are a long lost dream. 

2. Cake dates; Light Ash farm. I could have been a stockholder in their cafe the amount of cake I ate. Almost every weekend I would go with a friend and have brunch ( the biggest slice of cake imaginable). We would always go for 11.30ish to get in their first and have the best pick of cakes but also being 3/4 tiers meant you were full until 7/8pm! It was only when I started being sick off the cakes I was being less excited about going. This was a weekend treat but again, part of a rout one I didn’t think twice about. Now I can’t go there, for pure upset of not being able to eat the cake. I kick myself everyday that I should have really cherished those cakes. Rather than just scoffing them down not thinking twice about it. Now I would savour every moment and really take notice of the flavours. 

3.  Swimmers fuel:  we were always on road travelling from hotel to pool on a daily basis. We stayed in some fab hotels with amazing pub food. Chips, ONION RINGS!! Cheese on toast, curly fries, chips and beans and malt loaf. Pizza Hut was also always on the hit list when we were in a city. It was a cheap place we could really carb load and I loved it! Who couldn’t not love ultimated pizza and cookie dough. I can’t! Again, it was automatic and a memory I shared with people I treasure most my fellow swimmers. Never a care in the world at the time but now I regular haunt and moments I miss dearly. 

4. Travel; seeing the world, running around, eating, taking photos, learning, listening and soaking up the atmosphere around you. Such an amazing hobby and one I gained so much knowledge from and joy. Now it’s a complex mission. One that has to be carefully planned and scheduled ‘watered down.’ You look at your photos and mourn the loss of the free soul you once were and kick yourself for not doing more whilst you were fit enough. At the time believing you have your whole life to explore. 

5. Relationships: everyone has a right to love and love can cause much pain but also so much joy. It’s a constant battle and one that at the time, is just classed as the ‘norm’, you roll through the relationship motions not really taking note of special moments or time spent together. It’s what is expected, nothing special. But it really is special. It can be lost and gone so quickly.

6. Choices: you take decisions we make everyday as a given. From the food we eat to what we wear, from the people we spend time with to the career path we walk down. We never expect this human right to be tainted and one we are no longer in control of. Having to listen to our bodies, make choices we didn’t want to make or choose seem like another world away.  It’s unimaginable but we are proof it can happen, so don’t waist moments. 

7. Full days: when will look back we were phased by long days and busy schedules and now a busy morning sometimes takes days to prepare for. Never do we think that being so young but living like a life like I was in the later years of my life would become - life. 

8. Sleep: oh how I miss being able to sleep for 12 hours straight. How sleep used to be a part of the day we all are guilty of fighting. We all want time to experience life, do more and sleep- well it gets in the way. Now, now I pray for sleep, anything to escape reality and the pain. 

9. Life: we all take life and life’s little things for granted. From cups of coffee to walks. However big or small these moments should be grasped and cherish not dismissed and been seen as a given. We don’t know how long we have to keep eating cheese on toast, small roses, enjoy company, listen to music and so on. We just think they are accessible at the time and always will be. Please don’t think like that. I look back at the moments above and kick myself. For not enjoying them more or really taking the time to cherish them. But I guesss that’s how we learn and grow as people. 

Remember some of you most enjoyable moments and focus on the little things, the things you barely notice when caught in the moment but things that really do add to the experience and shouldn’t be dismissed or missed out. 

Those moments will have helped shape us and make us who we are today and so always try to remember to practise gratitude and enjoy all moments. 





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