• Sophie Ward

I Feel Pretty - Movie Review

I just had to go and see ‘I feel pretty’ at the cinema.

As it promotes and shows that inner beauty is what matters, self-confidence and self-belief are the best weapons to have. 

Battling with my own insecurities not just in terms of my body but in terms of my career and overall life. 

I, myself have overcome obstacles. From walking out infront of family and friends feeling utterly embarrassed and under confident knowing I am being judged by my appearance but acting like the happy go lucky personality. 

I have overcome the judgements that I don’t do anything all day. Just waste time. When truly, deep down you know you never stop and are always on to the next project. 

The judgements you know are being made do eat away at you.  

I have learnt through many tears that my once people get to know me my ‘weaknesses’ seem invisible. They don’t see an unwell girl or a thin girl. They see the real person, I am and what I stand for. Right there, that’s one of life’s toughest obstacles and I mostly definitely haven’t ace’d it yet but I’ve come a long way. 

You know deep down you are worth more than the judgements made but proving people wrong is another ball game and believe me - it takes some guts to attempt to take it on. 

This film was important to show the more self-confidence and self-belief you have in yourself. Is key. Key to proving people and their judgements wrong and key for your own self-happiness. With these weapons no matter how many hurdles you can jump over all of them.

You can attract the kind of people you want around you & create the life you deserve!

We place our own obstacles in our way and allow others to make judgements that affect us. 

We must focus on ourselves and working to our own strengths. People will always judge - no matter what. And even the most confident looking people have a host of insecurities. The message is, to love and just be you. Changing and trying to quick fix your so called issues won’t solve the deeper below the surface problems. They can only come from making peace with ourselves. 

We just have to make the best of the lives we choose to live, be comfortable in our own skin and celebrate our skills, strengths and successes. 

Judgements can be harsh, like life and so are you. 

Just because you feel you lack somewhere, know you make up in other areas and use our weaknesses as building blocks towards stronger strengths. 

We are the best versions of ourselves and nobody can be you that is special in itself. 

Happy bank holiday! Xoxo

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