• Sophie Ward

Life Of A Campaigner

You all know I am always trying to raise as much awareness as possible and hoping to help as many people as I possibly can.

A lot of my work is done behind the scenes. 

I often doubt whether I do enough but believe me I don’t ever stop. 

I am thankful to Natasha and the whole Lyme UK team for highlighting my work this month and my work being published as this month’s blog post. 

Hit the link below to take a read for yourselves; 

Lyme UK’s blog post

I love being a part of the Lyme disease UK admin team and although we face challenges everyday, the buzz and motivation I get from helping others, inspiring others and spreading awareness gives me self worth and purpose. 

It inspires me to think bigger, aim higher and not allow any illness take my dreams away from me. They may not have been the dreams I first imagined or wanted to chase but through all the pain and suffering we become stronger and as a person we blossom. 

Many people will judge and doubt you but doing the type of work I do, encourages you to grow a thick skin. To stand up, speak up and really appreciate the person you are. 

It’s not easy, it’s not.

My drive comes from writing my blog and people enjoying it. The days I struggle to write or don’t know what to write, I still try to write because it’s like a dose of medicine for me.

My work doesn’t hand me a massive wage and it’s doesn’t make my personal troubles float away but it’s not only about me. It’s about driving change for future generations. 

Yesterday was rather challenging to me. Someone struggling to hold on and wanting to give up. Give in. I may not show it all the time but I too, habour a great amount of emotional pain. 

Supporting someone else going through the emotional pain you are struggling with and you having to be the strong one, place your pain aside and exchanging it for thick skin is no easy task. It does upset me and get me all emotional. Why? I guess it’s because it is so close to home. I feel and know exactly what the pain is like and offering support when you need support yourself takes great bravery. 

It’s so incredibly exhausting not in a bad way but because it takes so much inner strength from you too. 

Seeing the rewards from the endless hard work and fight is worth so, so much .

It really is inspiring. 

We may often be guilty of painting the brave face on and hiding our pain but believe me the journey is hard and so complex beyond belief.

I hope you enjoy my write up for the Lyme Disease UK website and all myself and Mamanger Wardy have been working so hard on.



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