• Sophie Ward.

Wake Up To Lyme - Poem

My WAKE UP TO LYME poem was featured in the Lyme Disease UK's newsletter, in the Creative Corner.

I thought it would be nice to share this with you today:


by Sophie Ward

Wake up to Lyme,

Now is the time,

Be aware,

To take care,

Funky socks – share your pictures to us all,

We are an army who continue to stand tall,

Spread the word near and far,

You are doing a fabulous job – you are a star,

Driving change and finding our voice to which people can really hear,

Our footprints on Earth shall never disappear,

Sharing our stories and touching people’s hearts,

We are complex puzzles with many unusual parts,

Symptoms to complex for us to understand,

The ignorance we can no longer stand,

The pain,

Causes endless strain,

Our strength continues to grow,

To the world we show,

Our fight is real,

The dismissal and judgements so very hard for us to deal,

Nothing nor nobody can dampen the fire that burns inside us all,

No wall is ever too tall,

We cry,

We fear we may die,

We always bounce back,

In strength we never lack,

Wake up to Lyme,

Come on we are in our prime,

We grow and blossom every day,

You are driving change in your own unique way,

Wear your t-shirts, socks, send out leaflets, host a party and flash your posters for the world to see,

What a warrior you have become to be,

We fight a challenge many would shy away from for sure,

The pain to great to endure,

Remember your wake up to Lyme hashtag,

Don’t allow ignorance to cause you to lose your rag,

The storms always have the pass,

We often feel detached and like we are looking at the world through glass,

Bring the sun,

Raise awareness but remember to have fun,

Awareness month is here,

Together we cheer,

Warriors we fight,

Our end goal in sight.

Thank you to the LDUK team for always inspiring me to be creative, spread awareness and most importantly be ME. They encourage and inspire me everyday, along with my loved ones to keep fighting.

I am proud of my achievements but as always I want to keep helping and achieving more.

Thank you to everyone for believing in me.




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