• Sophie Ward

The Royal Wedding- Poem

The Royal Wedding it is finally here,

The whole world is beginning to cheer,

Will it be modern or will it be a blast,

From the past?

The whole world stands and we stare,

Praying all won’t end in despair,

The afternoon tea is served,

We all sit and try to stay reserved, 

As we watch the bride and groom make their vows to one another,

A party like no other,

Sit tight,

The street parties will be going on through the night,

All about the dress,

Who is the designer- we all take a guess,

From champagne to scones which we nibble and sip,

Our hats or our heads we clip, 

Waving our flags,

There have been many funny cartoon gags,

Here is the day,

That we have all waited for in some way,

We cheers to the couple we watch with wide eyes,

Their love story in history now lies,

From celebrities, politicians, chairty workers and family’s arrive on time,

This day all must look in their prime,

The world watches and stands,

Listening to the marching bands,

We question and we hope for the best,

This will be the test,

From babies to weddings it is going on,

Lighting up the world as time goes on,

Let’s stand and cheer,

What a royal year. 




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