• Sophie Ward

Papa - Poem

Dear Papa and my one and only Dad,

Don’t be sad,

To have you I am glad,

The memories we have made,

Our love will never fade,

Sometimes we have to sit in the shade,

To face the sun on and on,

To eventually become number one,

Time goes on,

We grow,

To the world - our strength we show,

Nobody will know,

The soppy core, 

Our endless goal for more,

The world we explore,

From the stories you have read to me in bed,

The crazy dreams in our head,

When we see red,

Remember the good times at their best,

Sometimes we need to rest,

To keep giving and achieving our best,

The success you have achieved is inspiring,

I know you can’t even think about retiring,

Life can sometimes be beyond tiring,

Thank you for being mine,

It’s your time to shine,

Everything will always be fine,

From reading to me in bed,

To filling my head,

With dreams that roll out in a long thread,

From holding my hand,

At pre school and in the workplace we stand,

By many you are always in demand,

Write our names in the sand,

Building our sandcastles - all by hand,

You are so grand, 

From 4 to 24 you see,

You have shaped me,

Hopefully into a person you hope I would be, 

Thank you for being you, 

For all that you do,

I love you. 




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