• Sophie Ward

In The News

It's true, we never rest.

It's Monday morning and like time sufferers and carer's don't rest, we fight and keep moving on.

There is never any rest bite. John Caudwell, who you may have heard of - he owes the company Phones4U, has had 11 of his family members diagnosed and affected by Lyme Disease. We have all been called into action over the weekend to lobby our MP's and Jeremy Hunt to demand change. As you have seen we really have taken the news by storm not just here but across the world. This disease is harder to ignore, more of you are gaining awareness, exercising prevention methods and looking back over your own medical history piecing together symptoms and considering getting bloods taken.

Our mission isn't to scare the public, but educate you all.

We know the medical community are extremely over-run and overwhelmed with so many serious issues, and although this disease is extremely complex and needs a lots of funds pumped into it doesn't mean it should be dismissed.

We the sufferer's don't just battle with the disease but we battle with the authorities to be heard. We don't want anyone else to fall innocent victims to this hell.

Believe me the amount of energy and pain It takes to raise our voice isn't easy. Yes, we could sit in bed all day -- allowing the problem to grow. What good would that be?

Sometimes we forget how much power - we, WE the people have. We are often the ones who bring around real change but get pushed into the background. The unsung heroes.

We need to congratulate ourselves on our strength, we should not get disheartened if we don't get recognition for our work... because in years to come it will all come to light and our children's, children will live a better life. That is reward.

STAY tuned.

We wait to see what the Government has to say next.. we hold our breath and pray.

There lots more to come from LYME HQ.

SLOWLY, slowly, we are taking over the world.




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