• Sophie Ward

Full Moon Zapper

The full moon curse,

It can’t possibly get worse,

The aches and pains, 

What are the gains?

Bacteria attacks us day and night,

We try to put up a fight,

Hot and cold,

Our wild stories go untold,

Fearing that we will be labelled crazy,

We are zapped of energy but we are far from lazy,

I can’t lift my head,

I’m tied to my bed,

My lungs feel heavy and sore,

My throat on fire but food I crave for more,

Bones throb,

Precious time it’s does rob,

Shade is my best friend,

Never knowing where is the end,

Throw me around,

Don’t fall to the ground,

We cry behind our shades,

The pain never  fades,

We long to fit in,

Where do I begin,

Is the sun friend or foe,

From day to day I never know, 

Our bodies are out of control,

Along with life we must roll,

Time will never stop you see,

Please be understanding of me,

My dreams aren’t always as them seem,

That doesn’t mean I don’t dream,

Of a day,

Far away, 

Where I can be normal is some way,

Someone to love me in every way,

To deal with the strain,

That is a constant pain,

We look up and see the glow,

What we know,

That pain is here,

We may shed a tear, 

We fight on,

Soon the glow will move on,

Time changes us and our condition more than we can know,

Our strength we continue to show,

A curse,

That everytime we hope won’t worse,

A spell we try to break,

Heartache and pain we simply can fake,

Please be kind,

Within me you will find,

Someone who will give their all,

Continuing to stand tall, 

I know for sure,

The pain I can endure, 

For I always rise again slowly in time,

We work towards the day we will be in our prime,

We cling to the day where the sun shines bright,

When we can see our dreams in sight, 




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