• Sophie Ward

A Holiday Riddle-Poem

I am chronically ill,

You know the drill,

To take on the day-  takes such skill,

You - I hope to thrill,  

The sun’s heat,

Makes us skip a heart beat,

The soles of our feet,

Burn when the ground we meet,

Walking slow,

Life - you are trying to give a go,

Wanting that summer glow,

Hoping your strength over pain does show, 

The rays,

Affect you in all sorts of ways,

It’s pays,

To take time to yourself one says, 

Emotionally and physically draining,

But it’s not raining,

What am I gainining,

From the overdoing - I am refraining, 


We hope for more,

For all we endure,

We don’t want to be in a constant war,

We want a break,

From heart break,

The commitments we make,

The risks we take,

People come and go,

They don’t really know,

The level of kindness you continue to show,

Your sadness they will never know,

A love we long to feel,

One that is real,

My heart please steal, 

Share a love so real,

We search through our days and nights,

For the city of lights,

Our goals in our sights,

Brighten up the darkest of nights, 

The sun will heal; 

The pain we feel,

Is real, 

Often more than what we can deal,

We try to be fun,

We try to make the most of the sun,

Hair in a bun,

Shading from the sun,

We watch people play,

Wishing we could grab a slice of that cake in some way, 

We pray,

To love in a special way, 

We know what we want but forget,

The things we have lost - we live in regret, 

The precious time we get,

We can’t forget,

We have it all,

Time we wish to stall,

We want to stand tall, 

Raising above it all,

I am chronically ill, 

You know the drill, 

I handle my life with great skill,

Having strength and pure will,

My life isn’t how I imagined or wanted it to be,

Love me or hate me,

I can only be me,

This is how life has to be,

I hope you can love me,

Feel free,

Only the positives you see, 

Don’t bring sadness to me. 




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