• Sophie Ward

Home Sweet Home


The flight was a nightmare. I can’t tell you how difficult it is to sleep on a plane. Even worse is when you take prescription med’s that make you drowsy and then you have to keep your eyes closed because you can’t do anything else. 

You are far too tired to watch a movie or read a magazine. 

You all know how badly I suffer with migraines. I am the worst. Really and truly. 

Still now.. the plane experience is still affecting me. 

Emotionally and physically I feel drained.

Being stiff and sleeping in awkward positions, head pain where you can’t open your eyes and walking through an airport drowsy and feeling lifeless. Is hard. When you land the relief from the head pain causing immense nausea and you feel naff. Truly naff.

My bones and muscles are aching and my joints on burning. 

Being sat for too long hurts, being stood for too long hurts. You don’t know how you can win. You really don’t. 

I know part of the struggle is dealing with the flare ups and all the issues whilst actually on holiday but we forget what a traumatic and difficult task travelling is. 

Trains cause me a lot of stress, off and on. Planes the head pressure is through the roof and the queuing leaves you feeling drained and dizzy. 

I thought I would be straight back on it. Working and getting on with my jobs that I had lined up... 

It’s not actually how it’s happened and it’s annoying me. I can’t .. I feel too tired to get through all the jobs I have yet to do. 

I am behind and that causes me great anxiety and immense stress. 

Slowly but surely I will get through the pile but instead of taking one or two days it may take a week. 

I know after holiday we all jump back into the the swing of things and I love being busy but I may not have realised and considered how the holiday affected me and pushed me to my limits. I didn’t get a full break. My body was still attacking itself and I was still keeping up with my emails, DM’s, blogs and messages. Maybe it’s like when I first arrived in Turkey - it took me a good three days to be emotionally and physically strong enough to write and begin to do things. I was just so exhausted and drained. I feel like that again. 

I guess the ultimate answer would be to become the president and have my own Air Force one. Skip all the airport faff and have the space to sleep, getting to the destination quicker and more comfortablely. But we can’t have everything we dreamed of. I think I’m just going to have to accept that the few days either side of the plane ride or train journeys I need to give myself time to recover and recharge. 

Don’t worry though - there is lots more to come.

Mama and I have lots of projects in the pipeline and a busy schedule in the coming months, so bed rest will be limited. 

If you want to support our fundraisers.. 

Please come to our Murder Mystery night at the end of August ( tickets available at Acresfield Health Club and Spa) or walk with us from Acresfield Health Club and Spa to Scorton and back this coming Sunday at 10am. 

Remember every little helps. 

For now, I know I am struggling to function and so have done all I can and am trying to catch up with messages and some sleep in hope that I can begin doing more of the productive work over the next few days.

The hard days don’t have to be rush around productive but can be productive in many different ways. 

Please share with me your travels stories. How travel and trips have affected you? 




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