• Sophie Ward

Bite Close To Home- Hospital Visit

Papa, always gets bitten. During our holiday he had mozzie bite after mozzie bite. 

On arriving home things haven’t changed. He is always getting bitten and on going around Great Eccleston show with all the animals Father has once again got bitten.

Alex took him to the hospital this morning. I knew straight away what we were dealing with.

Because it was on his chest, Papa was panicking it was his heart. The circle was red, pus filled and hot. On top of that it was itchy. I asked him if he had been spraying insect repellent since his return home and he said no.

I knew, I knew! He should have been spraying insect repellent! His daughter has Lyme disease - he knows what a serious issue Lyme disease is becoming not just world wide but in this country too.  

I think this close call will hopefully make him a little more sensible about wearing protection through the whole of summer regardless of what country and climate he is. The risks are too high and too great. 

Luckily he got treated within an hour and was given antibiotics instantly. Yes, the doctors tried to say he definitely didn’t have Lyme disease because he didn’t have the bulls-eye rash!! Like we know only 50 per cent receive a bulls-eye rash and when a bite becomes big, itchy and inflamed or you come down with chills, joint pains, fevers and nausea go straight to the doctors and demand antibiotics the risks are too high. Protect yourselves. Prevention currently is the best cure. 

Let this be a little warning to all.. we aren’t all immune to disease, bites and so on. We must be very careful. Protect ourselves and our loved ones. 💜

Remember - 

Where long clothes that are coloured so you can spot ticks, flies and insects. 

Where repellent.

Body check!

Go straight to the doctors if you are bitten and it turns ugly. 


Some bites can become hot and itchy .. 

Lyme disease normally present symptoms of;

- fever or chills 

- headaches

- nausea 

- bulls eye rash

- itchy skin

- joint pain 

Are some of the early signs. I know lots of these symptoms mimic other illnesses and a bite may not be the underlying cause of them but it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Remember nobody is invincible and nobody is immune. 

It’s been a crazy manic few months of awareness but if it get more people treatment, protects and save lives then all the hard work is worth it.

We are in England but you can still get bitten and suffer .. don’t allow this to be your or your family!

Educate yourselves, be aware and be safe. 

Thank you. 




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