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Okay, so this was never a post I never believed I would be writing. It really is insane. I guess it was something I never saw myself doing or being a part of if you had asked me just a few months ago.

They say fate has a weird way of working and I believe I am truly 'proof of the pudding' so to speak when it comes to the evidence needed to back this claim. For SO, so many years I have felt so lost in the career paths, my life and my declining health. I tried to find my feet but I was always held back by fears and allowing my mind to tell me to 'play safe' rather than take the plunge.

It is a good thing that an illness or disease of ANY sort can't take away a kind heart and my love for others - protecting, bringing them joy and being someone people can find comfort in is worth more than my own pain, suffering and sadness. My willingness to fight for others has opened doors that I NEVER believed would be open. All my life I have worked hard and felt as if I have been fighting against a brick wall. I always played safe however, my heart never lost love but my fears kept me in the box where my fears of failure and pain on top of the failures and pains I was already coping with was just too much to bare the thought of. I felt like I wasn't coping with the load I was already carrying on my shoulders.

Through the help of my professor, family and friends I have realised I am far stronger than I give myself credit for. I lack in so many ways and have SO MANY flaws.. I am far from perfect but instead of shying away or being embarrassed by the weaknesses I try to strengthen them and work on them. I feel like I don't cope with my health well, and can't imagine anymore suffering on top but I think especially in the last year when I have had a number of times I thought the end was HERE. I realised how much change I want to make and things I want to do in my life. That the times I have 'put off' opportunities or declined opportunities because I have felt underconfident, scared and unskilled were stacking up and 'tomorrow' never comes, the time is NOW.

Fate isn't always kind to us, it can't be because we have to learn lessons to keep us growing and pushing ourselves. I have never had much faith in fate until recently ( I will admit). Life is tough and I always questioned WHAT CRIME DID I COMMIT? To be handed the cards I have been handed.

I saw my illness and failures as FAILURES, embarrassment's and flaws.

My mindset has changed A LOT over the past few months, through the work I have been doing but yesterday when asked the 'STRENGTHS' I have; the first answer was that I have Lyme Disease.

WHY? What an answer, that will get you crossed off any list immediately you may think. ILLNESS is a weakness, fully fit and healthy is a strength.

Don't get me wrong, fully fit is a strong strength but suffering from such a chronic disease, still getting up, still fighting, seeing the positives and putting yourself out there is a STRONG POSITIVE and without the disease you wouldn't have be able to unlock the doors you have or realised the strength you have which you use in a positive, proactive way. Nobody else will put an answer like that and if anything your answer won't allow the people who read it to forget you.

It makes people respect you as a person and re-read what you wrote because they have never seen an answer quite like it.

The opportunity I have been given was one that came out of the blue. TOTALLY and completely. I slept on it and decide NOT to allow my fears to over-shadow my judgement. I took the plunge, BUT WHAT DID I HAVE TO LOSE? I have felt near death so many times, I only get one shot at this game and some how and for some crazy reason fate had kept me breathing.

I took comfort and confidence in the signs I saw - the fast reply via email, the white feather on my front door mat ( the angel was watching over me) , the coin by my feet in the car and I had faith in just being me. I often feel underconfident and all that jazz, I have lost people but gained so many and the people who matter will love you no matter what. I have to have faith in the strengths and skills I do have as a person which is something I work on every day. I was a little nervous but I didn't have anything to lose, only opportunities to gain.

How pleased and proud I am for following the universe's little signals to me. As now I will be presenting on the radio for Chorley FM every Thursday morning and alternative Friday. HOW INSANE, HOW INSANE.

I can't wait to jump into this opportunity! I will probably be a fish out of water at first but I love music, talking to people, engaging with people, and listening . From squeaking and being as quiet as a mouse for most of my childhood and teenage years, I have learn how important my voice is and how I have to be brave to speak up because in doing so I could empower so many lives, help, protect and save lives.

Whether it's playing uplifting songs, sharing motivational quotes, laughing and joking, discussing serious and pressing topics, it is going to be FAB and I am so excited to get started.

Never one to settle, I hope to continue to surprise you and also inspire you.

We are our only obstacles and maybe law of attraction is REAL.

For now, we have s busy schedule and experiences that lay ahead - I need to rest up.



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