• Sophie Ward

Making Dreams - Poem

Finding a purpose to the life we lead,

The negative thoughts to us our mind likes to feed, 

To prove to all,

We can stand up tall,

Despite the pain,

All the tears that fall from the sky as rain,

Kind hearts empower and ignite the fires in our soul, 

Illness takes its toll,

But wipe the tears,

We have battled through the years,

Look how far you have made it now, 


Through strength, pure courage and a fierce heart,

Playing the main role and part,

You stand the tests that life throws your way,

Waking up and taking on the day,

With fight in your belly,

Wow - look at you on the telly,

You fall into bed,

Your declining health makes you see red,

Forget what they have said,

It’s not in your head,

The work is endless and mounts up so quick,

Give some attitude with a hair flick,

You challenge all the odds so why stop now?

Dealing with life - you know how!

Your aim to inspire,

From protecting others you won’t ever retire,

My mission,

Is my vision,

My passion is the love I give,

To life’s hurdles I can forgive,

For the strength I have gained,

The friends who have remained,

The fun journey is just about the begin,

Even with illness I aim in life to win,

To take to the grave,

The battles in which I never did cave,

I am creating a life I never thought would be ever possible for me,

Being the best person I can be,

Living my best life with a smile on my face,

Handling everything with grace,

Making dreams,

No matter how tough it seems,

We only get one shot, 

I am thankful for the whole lot. 





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