• Sophie Ward

Inspiring And Never Retiring- Poem

Choosing to inspire,

We never want to retire,

Lives to save and protect,

On the past we must reflect,

We take steps forward a learn from mistakes,

In life there aren’t any retakes,

The people we meet,

The ones we greet,

Stand tall on your feet,

Listen and watch your life is a movie- take your seat,

Love and be proud of the person you have become,

Unlock the door to your dreams - you are welcome , 

Every year,

We must wipe the tears and choose to cheer,

Life is tough,

The road is rough, 

We are at our best,

So forget the rest,

We are stronger than we ever believed we were and could be,

Set your soul free, 

Focus on the positives and the light,

Be the star that shines so bright,

People gravitate towards your kind heart,

You are your own cheerleader for your team that everyone wants to be a part,

Open your mind,

The treasure you can find,

Dark days do bring rain,

We suffer through a lot of pain,

From our struggles we have so much to gain,

So go out and dance in the rain,

The world is full of people making a change for a better,

Be a go-getter,

Life is a gift,

So don’t just drift,

Leave footprints in the Earth’s core, 

You have the world to explore, 

I am so lucky and blessed,

To be right here I wouldn’t have guessed,

My life went off road for a while,

I have chosen to smile,

Inspired by my strength and pain,

I’ve realised from my darkness I have so much to gain,

I have so much more to give, 

To fate we must forgive,

Turn the darkness into light,

Keeping dreams and goals in sight,

Empowering and inspiring people all around,

Keep your feet on the ground,

If you give your best that is all that can be asked,

With many hardships you have been tasked,

The strength you show,

More than you know,

Helps to inspire and empower,

In kindness always chose to shower,

You are rocking life and adding your own mark,

One bright and beautiful spark,

Choosing to inspire,

Never wishing or wanting to retire. 



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