• Sophe Ward

A New Week - Poem

An end of a week, 

We shall not feel weak, 

For we learnt a lot, 

One thing I never forgot, 

Was to be, 

Simply me, 

I was open and raw, 

You may have seen me stumble and fall, 

We live and we learn, 

My fire inside burns so hot - watch out it will burn, 

My mind whirls day and night, 

Our goals always in sight,

Some days I am half asleep, 

My morals I will forever keep, 

My sleep has been little and less, 

The stress I guess, 

To make the best of myself in everyway, 

My aim is to brighten everyday, 

The more people I have seen, 

The places I have been, 

Much more of a success, 

My actions I sometimes second guess, 

The cold nips at my heels, 

My life is a movie you can watch it in reels,

The summer ends and fall moves in, 

Wrapping up layer after layer where do I begin, 

As I aim to heal,

Your pain I can feel,   

We give our hearts, 

So we don't fall into parts,

Love and kindness helps the world spin around, 

Find the positives in all you surround, 

We are all broken glass, 

We must keep our class, 

For here is our legacy for all to see, 

We owe it to ourselves to be happy, 

Wipe the tears, 

Be brave and face the fears, 

A new week is about to begin, 

You are in the game to win, 

So here is a new week, 

There is lots to learn from and tweak, 

We are stronger than ever before, 

There is so much to look forward to and explore.



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