• Sophie Ward

All So Go.

Another busy, busy week. How is it Friday already? Gosh, I have barely been at home and the week isn't over YET.

I have just returned home after being on Chorley FM and co-presenting with Simon Field. We enjoyed a fun afternoon, of great music, conversations and debates. We highlighted some fun facts that happened on the 28th September throughout history such as; The outbreak of Spanish Flu in 1918, Alexander Fleming founded penicillin in 1928, The first flight around the world taking 175 days was in 1924 and the Polio vaccine was created in 1963.. so a lot of key events happened on the 28th September. Not only that, I think records were broken for the amount of sugar pumping through Simon's veins at one given time today. All that cake, sent him into a blur and left him addicted. We won't speak about the car boot full of cake he has taken home with him to see him through the evening! It was all for a FAB cause though, for Macmillan and we ourselves at Acresfield Health Club and Spa held our annual coffee money which was a great success. It is always so much fun and rewarding hosting and getting involved with events that are for a brilliant cause. We spoke about travels this week, being on the Victoria Derbyshire show in London raising awareness around hernia mesh implants and we highlighted Avril Lavigne's new song - Head Above Water, which she wrote on her death bed whilst battling Lyme Disease, which is a cause close to my heart of course. So it was a super fun show and time just flew.. it really did.

Thank you Simon once again for being the best co-presenter, putting me at ease and helping me learn the ropes. You really do make the Chorley experience so very fun.

Tomorrow is another fun filled day as we head to Manchester for the Northern Blog Awards being held at the Midland Hotel in Manchester. Another amazing event that I am so excited for.

Not to mention I hit 5K on Instagram this week, what a great end to the month. Thank you so much and its so amazing to have lovely new followers and readers. Thank you for your support.

Love always ,




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