• Sophie Ward

Travel - Poetry

As we pack our cases,

We paint our faces,

With smiles to hide the pain,

We have chosen to dance in the rain,

The places we get to see,

It is what feeds and fuels me,

To be inspired and being inspiring,

From the mission- never retiring, 

People look to you,

Never really knowing what you have been through,

Our stories we write,

As we live through each day and night,

It will never be easy or a breeze,

So often left out in the cold breeze, 

No answers in sight,

As you fade into the night,

Quiet you sit,

Never being noticed one bit,

Till one day your strength shows through,

You can prove the real you,

Those who will pull you down,

Known you deserve the crown,

For bravery and strength,

You have and continue to go the extra length,

Offering a hand,

Always in demand,

The people we meet,

The hello’s as we greet,

Shape you,

Inspiring what you do, 

Knowledge is power, 

In wisdom we should shower,

To learn to love,

Appreciating all the above,

Our suitcases are packed and there is so much to explore,

Always returning home wanting more,

The history and culture from the sights you see,

Will forever be with me,

We learn as life goes by,

It’s ok to have a little cry,

Times are often tough,

The road is rough,

Chronic illness is a curse,

With heavy medical bills on the purse,

Each day is a blessing,

Of your strength you will always be guessing,

You pull yourself up and brush yourself down,

Waves full force that could cause us to drown,

We bounce back,

Bravery we don’t lack,

A passion to leave deep footprints,

A scrapbook full of memories and prints, 

Today is a new adventure,

In a world we must try to venture,

We make the best of the cards that are dealt,

Of the love we have felt,

A journey of happiness and discovery,

To aid my own recovery. 



#poem #chronicillness


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