• Sophie Ward

World Mental Health Day- Poem

You smile in a way,

You say,

I am okay,

But you are far from that way,

You paint on the brave face,

Holding yourself with grace,

Keeping up the pace, 

Life seems such a race, 

You want to see the light,

But it doesn’t seem in sight,

You fight,

With all your might,

You wipe the tears,

It’s been tough over the years,

Where are all the cheers?

Fast forwarding through the gears,

The people you cry to,

Will understand you,

Be brave and open up too, 

Allow people to help you,

We all deserve to be as happy as can be,

Living free,

Being ok being me,

Then who knows what can be, 

Our dreams are reachable,

Never doubt they are doable,

Live can seem unbearable, 

But you are able,

To weather any storm and dance in the rain,

Nobody is immune from pain,

With strength you gain,

We can handle the strain,

It’s ok to break down,

But remember to let your hair down,

Paint the town,

Please don’t frown,

Give a hug,

Have a coffee in a large mug, 

Wrap yourself up snug, 

Healing so many with a hug,

Mental health day,

More are affected than say,

It’s okay,

Speak out and express yourself in your own way,

We are all here,

Our love won’t disappear,

We will raise your spirits up with a cheer,

A friend in me and I am always near, 

Send someone a message and offer a hand,

Life is such a demand,

United we must stand,

Without judgements & feet imprinted in the sand,

We are strong,

The road is bumpy and long, 

My heart is on,

We are forever strong. 




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