• Sophie Ward

Tears Stain - Poem.

Tears stain your face,

As you try to keep up with the pace,

Trying to handle yourself with grace,

Painting a smile on to your face,

Hibernate in your room,

You are being consumed by this gloom,

Struggling to hold on,

Sometimes wishing you were gone,

You know deep down,

It is bad to frown,

You have to go out and be brave,

To your pain you must not cave,

You want to be a role model and inspire,

Never to your disease can you ever retire,

People misunderstand,

You barely understand,

How hard it is to simply function you see,

So daunting to know I will never be free,

I hold on,

Because so much has simply vanished and gone,

The future deeply scares me,

My plans have never played out as I thought they would you see,

I can't live in the moment or the now,

I don't even know how,

I carry the worry,

To get through tasks like I am always in a hurry,

I give my heart to everyone I meet,

Pushing myself hard until I fall on my feet,

I don't know what is wrong or right when playing this game,

It just drives me insane,

I don't know where my path will lead,

But my heart continues to bleed,

I hope to succeed,

Creating beautiful flowers from my chosen seeds,

We can all cry,

Through the dark nights we ask to die,

Then the sunrises once more,

You have life to explore,

Never knowing where your next move my lead,

To many worries this does feed,

I wish I could silence my mind,

Then I could find,

So many more keys to unlock more doors,

Helping me to be brave and explore,

I have come so far in such a small space of time,

I have fought hard in my prime,

That doesn't mean I don't cry,

At life and its challenges I really do try,

To say I don't suffer is a lie,

To be positive and proactive everyday I really do try,

I have no words to speak,

Relief I seek,

This week has been bleak,

From my eyes there has been a water leak,

I have to rebuild and heal,

Find a way to deal,

More than ever I feel,

The pain I battle I can't hide and is real.



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